Faye Jackson burst onto the scene in 2016, making her professional wrestling debut on the very-first Women of Honor television special against international wrestling star ODB. Jumping straight into the deep end, Jackson gave ODB all she had and displayed a fire that showed she would be a force in future Women of Honor bouts. Under the tutelage of veteran star Sumie Sakai, Jackson has become a force to be reckoned with her moves the Triple Spun Milkshake and Chocolate Thunder!
Jackson has since become a regular competitor and has been learning moves and holds on the fly while training at the ROH Dojo. She is no stranger to big matches and competing under the brightest lights as Jackson has tested herself on both Women of Honor television specials as well as the first-ever Women of Honor event. Jackson has boundless charisma and has captured the hearts of the Women of Honor fans with her energy and presence. The sky is the limit for this emerging star as she looks to continue to improve in the ring and rack up victories.