“Bah bah bah … bah bah … bah … BAHHHHH!”
In other words, welcome to the Edge of Sanity, where Delirious resides when he’s not busy tearing up the wrestling ring with a style as unpredictable and chaotic as the language -- or is it languages? -- flowing from his mouth.
The masked madman’s unorthodox approach did not equal success initially. He made his Ring of Honor debut at Reborn: Stage 1 in 2004 in a losing effort against Matt Sydal.
Delirious quickly gained a cult following despite not gaining any victories in ROH over the next couple years. 
In April 2006, ROH management told Delirious that he would face an opponent of his choosing, and if he didn’t win, he would be gone from ROH. Delirious chose Ricky Reyes and won the match to retain his spot on the roster.
He followed that victory by winning a Four-Corner Survival over Jimmy Rave, Jimmy Jacobs and Jimmy Yang. Delirious would go on to receive title shots against ROH World Champion Bryan Danielson and ROH Pure Champion Nigel McGuinness that year, but was unable to win either championship.
The highlight of Delirious’ career to that point was winning the 2006 Survival of the Fittest tournament. In the finals, Delirious defeated Sydal, Austin Aries, Jay Briscoe and Mark Briscoe in a five-man elimination match.
Another highlight for Delirious was his performance in an eight-man elimination tag team match in December 2006. He and Danielson each captained a team, and Delirious was the sole survivor after forcing Danielson to tap out to the Cobra Stretch.
Delirious’ personality would eventually take a darker turn, as he became ultra-aggressive in the ring and frequently spit red mist into his opponent’s eyes. He even joined the villainous Age of the Fall faction in 2008 after his romantic intentions were spurned by Daizee Haze.
Delirious broke away from the group in 2009 when he saved Haze from an attack by AOTF leader Jacobs.
In 2010, Delirious began an intense rivalry with Aries that concluded with Delirious winning a steel cage match.
Delirious’ appearances in ROH have been sporadic in recent years, but the one thing that has remained certain about Delirious is that absolutely nothing is for certain.
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