"A Night of Appreciation" 4/27/02
ROH World Tag Team Championship (w/ Amazing Red)  3/15/03 - 9/20/03
ROH Pure Championship 2/14/04 - 4/23/04
Returning to ROH in 2014 after becoming the most decorated World Champion other promotions have seen, AJ Styles has made it his goal to win the one title that has alluded his legendary career; the ROH World Heavyweight Championship.
Styles first entered ROH in 2002 and quickly became known as one of the top wrestlers and high flyers on the planet. Styles became an international superstar in the coming years and helped to elevate Ring of Honor to new heights. He became the first ever ROH Pure Champion in 2004 and never officially lost the title.
In 2004 Styles signed a long term contract elsewhere, held every title in the company multiple times, dominated all competition, and became the face of an organization. After ten long years AJ has finally returned home to once again put the focus of his career on his in ring wrestling skill.
In an epic return match with Roderick Strong, AJ was victorious. Since then he’s already had unforgettable matches with Jay Lethal and Michael Elgin. The list of ROH dream opponents for AJ is pretty lengthy, so every one of his upcoming appearances are must see.


ROH Spotlight: 
Pro Debut: 
220.00 lbs
Gainesville, GA