In only his first few years as a professional wrestler, Adam Cole has truly set himself apart from the pack and demonstrated a wrestling acumen that belies the limited time he has been active in the squared circle.  Forming a duo with Kyle O’Reilly in 2010, the pair now known as Future Shock, showed surprising chemistry for a team so fresh, and have only continued to improve, gelling into a unit that compliments one other quite well. Cole has even made an impact as a solo wrestler, defeating Steve Corino at “Survival of the Fittest 2010” to advance to the finals, as well as taking on Kenny King, Mike Bennett, and battling in the “Top Prospect Tournament”.   As a pair, Future Shock’s battles with The Bravados have shown Cole & O’Reilly’s hunger, and having to face teams the likes of The American Wolves, The Briscoes, and Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team have provided Future Shock with the sort of experience that will only make them better as they continue to work their way up the ranks of wrestling’s hottest tag team division, and one day capture the ROH World Tag Titles.
Unfortunately that day will likely never come as a rift between the two men has developed over the last few months, leading to the “10th Anniversary Event” headliner when Cole teamed with Eddie Edwards to take on O’Reilly & Davey Richards.  That night Adam shocked the world by pinning Richards but was then disrespected by his former partner.  The two met in head-on competition at “Showdown in the Sun – Day 2” where Kyle won out, but did so in an uncharacteristically underhanded fashion.  With Cole & O’Reilly sure to collide again in the future it looks as if Adam’s title aspirations will now come on his own merit…
How quickly things can change. From respected, honorable TV Champion and young man that ROH was proud to have as a representative to a cowardly, arrogant World Champion despised by the locker room. The frustrating thing is that Adam Cole does not have to be this way, he chooses to be this way. He beat Michael Elgin to become the World Champion cleanly, honorably, and then made the choice to spit on all of that when he laid out Elgin & Jay Briscoe. He is talented beyond measure, good looking, well-spoken, he is an ideal representative for Ring of Honor but, as World Champion, he has shown himself to be nothing more than a jerk.
Every champion has a bullseye on them, the World Champion moreso than others, but in the case of Cole that target just keeps getting bigger every time he runs his mouth and every time he finds a way keep the title around his waist.
ROH Spotlight: 
Pro Debut: 
210.00 lbs
Panama City, FL