Wrestling’s Most Evil Men Collide In NYC

No more rules…

As was announced a few weeks ago, “Wrestling’s Worst Nightmare” Kevin Steen and Jimmy Jacobs will go one-on-one this Sunday in New York City as part of the “10th Anniversary Event”.  For Steen this is another step in his quest to claim the ROH World Title & really another chance to spit in the face of Steve Corino’s path of redemption.  For Jacobs it’s the culmination of his return to ROH at “Supercard of Honor VI” when Corino unveiled him as his sponsor, but it could also be the night that pushes him over the edge, even if for one night, as it did with Corino at “Final Battle 2011”.


Now that possibility seems even more likely because, in light of what this match could likely degenerate into, ROH officials have now decided that this fight will be contested under No Disqualification rules!


“I know the risks involved in allowing this stipulation.” said Jim Cornette, “But I also don’t want to see this fight come to an early end because Kevin Steen can’t control himself or because Jimmy Jacobs loses his cool. There’s too much at stake here, and honestly, speaking only for myself, I want to see Steen get his!  No disqualifications is the only way to make sure this fight ends decisively and maybe Jimmy Jacobs can knock some damn sense into Kevin Steen like Corino couldn’t!”


Jacob vs. Steen, No DQ, THIS SUNDAY March 4th at the “10th Anniversary Event” in the Hammerstein Ballroom!!  Tickets for this can be bought right here or at the door on the day of the event.  If you can’t be there live, then order it right here on iPPV for only $10!