The World Title Will Be On The Line In Pittsburgh...

But Who Is Next For Kevin Steen?
But Who Is Next For Kevin Steen?
“Die Hard” Eddie Edwards
“The American Wolf” Davey Richards
“No Fear” Mike Mondo
Roderick Strong
“The Notorious 187” Homicide
Eddie Kingston
Cedric Alexander
Jay Lethal
Rhett Titus
“Unbreakable” Michael Elgin
Since capturing the title at “Border Wars”, Kevin Steen has faced those eleven men and, by hook or by crook, maintained his standing as the ROH World Champion. Of those previous challengers, two men are very much on the outside of the World Title picture looking in. Per a stipulation in his match with Davey Richards at “Best in the World 2012”, the former World Champion cannot challenge Steen again for the title. Per a part of Steen's “negotiations” with ROH officials following the events of “Killer Instinct”, Jay Lethal can never again challenge Kevin either.
While there are still nine other men in that list who are more than deserving of getting a championship rematch at some point, ROH officials know that the well is running dry on new challengers for the title and, to be quite frank, those officials are growing more desperate to get the title off of Kevin Steen.
So with Steen's championship reign entering its five month and with our final “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV Tapings of the year just over a week away, in an effort to give somebody a chance that has never before had a shot at Steen, ROH officials used a special randomized computer drawing to pick a fresh challenger. All the names that were entered into the program were men that have never had an opportunity to face Steen for the championship including:
-Charlie Haas
-Shelton Benjamin
-Jay Briscoe
-Mark Briscoe
-Adam Cole
-Kyle O’Reilly
-BJ Whitmer
-Lancelot Bravado
-Harlem Bravado
-“The Prodigy” Mike Bennett
-Caprice Coleman
The man who will receive this championship opportunity, the individual who will have a chance to fulfill his dream, as well as that of ROH officials, will be....
… “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett!
“It is about damn time.” said Bennett to Tuesday morning, “I put a likely end to the career of Lance Storm, I've proven myself the best wrestler to ever come out of Boston, I put Mike Mondo on the shelf, I've got the most beautiful woman in the world at my side, and am without a doubt the best face ROH could have representing this company. Still, despite all that, I've always been an afterthought when it comes to the ROH World Title. Hell I'm shocked ROH officials even bothered to put me into their computer program if you want me to be honest. Still, I'm not about to look this gift horse in the mouth. One shot is all I need, one opportunity to end this little nightmare, not for Ring of Honor, not for the integrity of the title or whatever garbage I heard after Rahway, but for myself and for my Maria. After Pittsburgh, I will be the face of Ring of Honor for 2013 and beyond. It's going to be my face on the DVD covers, my face on the posters, and The Prodigy is the guy that the ROH Universe will have to call their champion!”
It will be “Wrestling's Worst Nightmare” Kevin Steen defending his ROH World Title against “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett when we return to The Rostraver Ice Gardens on November 3rd for the final TV tapings of 2012! Add that to the TV Title match between Cole & O'Reilly and the Elgin/Richards rematch, and these are looking to be the most loaded TV tapings yet!!! Get your tickets here and don't miss out on this huge TV taping!