A World Title Contender Will Be Determined Tonight!

Hear comments from Cole, Bennett & Strong Now!
Eight men were chosen: “American Wolf” Davey Richards, “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards, Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett, Jay Lethal, “The Dominant Male” Tommaso Ciampa, and “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin. Each man had an equal chance to earn a shot at the ROH World Title but only half of them would make the cut…
Of those eight, four individuals were then selected in a random drawing to compete in a Four Corner Survival to determine who will get a shot at the ROH World Championship on June 30th in Pittsburgh, PA!
The 4 wrestlers selected to compete were current ROH World TV & the 2nd Triple Crown winner in ROH history Champion Roderick Strong, former World TV Champion Jay Lethal, “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett, and Adam Cole.  Two of these men have tasted championship success in ROH, two of them have yet to reach that goal, but only one of them has ever held the World Title before. The first step is complete, simply getting picked for this match; the second step is now at hand as these men must earn their shot at the title, and for the individual who does, then comes the hardest step of all…winning the World Title.  Which man will be the one to step up and challenge whoever the World Champion may be on June 30th?  Will it be Strong, Lethal, Bennett, or Cole? 
There is only one way to find out because this Four Corner Survival will be available EXCLUSIVELY on ROHWrestling.com! The match will go live this Monday night, Memorial Day, at 8PM EST! Join us on Memorial Day and witness…
ROH World TV Champion Roderick Strong vs. Adam Cole vs. “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett vs. Jay Lethal as they fight to determine who will get a shot at the ROH World Championship on June 30th in Pittsburgh, PA!  Here are comments from Adam Cole, Mike Bennett & Roderick Strong.
The ROH World Title is the most prestigious championship in wrestling and four of the best will fight it out with all their hearts just to get a chance and challenging for the title. Don’t miss out!