World Tag Title Match Set For "Final Battle 2012”

Nigel stacks the odds against S.C.U.M...
Coming off his announcement of Steen/Generico in Ladder War IV, ROH Match Maker Nigel McGuinness also declared that Steve Corino & Jimmy Jacobs would defend the World Tag Team Titles at “Final Battle 2012” live on iPPV!
But, as was the case at “Killer Instinct”, they will not be facing just one team in this championship bout, they will be facing two teams trying to pry the belts from S.C.U.M's grasp!
The first team is one very familiar to tag team championship success, seven times over for that matter, and they are the men who rallied the locker room at the last TV Tapings in the first place, the ones who brought Nigel McGuinness' name to the table in the first place, Jay & Mark Briscoe! At “Glory by Honor XI”, Corino & Jacobs screwed Dem Boys out of capturing their 8th titles when Steve low blowed Jay after shoving the referee into the ropes and knocking Mark out of the Doomsday Device attempt. Aside from that unfortunate blip on their record, Jay & Mark have pretty much run the table in their bouts with S.C.U.M over the last few months, in particular the Cage Match at “Caged Hostility”, will this bout prove another case of Briscoe dominance?
The second team is another one with whom Corino & Jacobs are quite familiar now. Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander were the team that S.C.U.M defeated at “Death Before Dishonor X” to advance to the finals of the tag title tournament. They were also another duo that got screwed in a tag title bout when Corino got caught hitting Caprice with a roll of quarters on the 10/6/12 edition of “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV and drew a disqualification, allowing he & Jacobs to retain the titles.

Now both teams will have their opportunity to end the reign of Corino & Jacobs, to weaken the foundation of S.C.U.M prior to the World Title Ladder War, but it's not the first time Steve & Jimmy have defied the odds, just look at their defense at the aforementioned “Killer Instinct” event where they retained against both WGTT and Rhett Titus/BJ Whitmer. You must tune into ROH TV starting on November 17th to see how this all played out!!!

Could Sunday December 16th mark doomsday for S.C.U.M or will it be another step in their quest to decimate ROH? Be there live to see for yourself or order it on iPPV right here to see all the action as it happens from the comfort of your home!