Who Will Quit In Canada?

Whitmer and Titus collide at "Border Wars"!
What a different a few months make...
Last time Ring of Honor crossed our northern border into Canada for "Glory by Honor XI" last October, Rhett Titus & BJ Whitmer stood side-by-side to take on WGTT.  It was a losing effort as the pair fought from behind from before the bell even rang after Charlie & Shelton attacked them during their entrance.  It came to a head when Titus got crotched on the top rope and Whitmer ate a Double Powerbomb to take the pinfall. 
Fast forward to April 2013 and the portrait is very different.  At the "11th Anniversary Event" Titus violently turned his back on not just BJ Whitmer but Ring of Honor as a whole when he aligned himself with Steve Corino, S.C.U.M, and their mission to tear down ROH brick by brick.  Since that night, Whitmer has been on the receiving end of several beatings at the hands of Titus & S.C.U.M including at "WAR" in Asheville when Rhett pinned Whitmer after using a roll of quarters just like his idol Corino.
Now, on a night where the outcome of the Lethal/Elgin vs. S.C.U.M tag match could put a World Title match and the announcers booth in Corino's hands, Rhett and BJ will go one-on-one once more but this time the stakes are going to be even higher!
"Rhett I have known you a long time.", Whitmer offered to ROHWrestling.com, "I was there when you started cutting your teeth on the pre-shows and I saw you come up from being that awkward kid asking everyone who would give you the time of day for advice to a pretty solid wrestler.  While I was gone taking care of my personal business, I watched the DVDs and saw that you'd become a pretty bad ass dude. You and Kenny were going toe-to-toe with The Briscoes in a Ladder War and Street Fights, all of the toughest matches ROH could throw at you and you survived, hell boy you thrived.  That's why I was willing to stand by your side Rhett, because I thought you had finally grown into your own and become a man.  Now I'm seeing what you really are, running around with Corino, I see that you're still just the same damn awkward starstruck kid, only now you're on Steve's d***!  You might think those numbers make you safe? Boy you were the one sitting at ringside while I went to war with CZW with a broken ankle, by myself if I had to, getting dollar bills stapled to my forehead, and you think I give a damn about SCUM and your numbers? 
You and me Rhett, we are going to fight in Toronto and I am putting you to the test. You want to be tough? You want to show me you're a badass? 'I Quit' Rhett...those are the two words I am going to make you cry at Border Wars.  In case you forget how violent I can be...Rhettski...ask Jimmy Jacobs how far I'm willing to go now that you two are best buds."
BJ demands and Nigel approves!  It will be Whitmer vs. Titus, I QUIT MATCH, and it will go down live on iPPV at "Border Wars 2013"!!  Saturday May 4th at the Ted Reeve Arena in Toronto, honor takes a stand and you can get tickets right here in the ROH Store or order the iPPV feed right here shortly!  Don't miss out as the best pro wrestling on the planet travels to the Great White North!!!