Whitmer's Opportunity Comes In Richmond!

Can The Buzzsaw achieve his dream???


As part of the “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV tapings last Sunday in Chicago Ridge, Nigel McGuinness announced the forthcoming World Title opportunities for Mark & Jay Briscoe (the former at “WAR” and the latter at “Supercard of Honor VII”) as well as adding Adam Cole and BJ Whitmer to the list of future challengers.


Yesterday it was announced that former TV Champion Adam Cole would have his chance at “Border Wars 2013” on May 4th in Toronto. Today, Match Maker Nigel McGuinness confirmed with ROHWrestling.com that on May 18th when we return to Richmond, VA “The Buzzsaw” BJ Whitmer will have his chance at immortality when he challenges for the ROH World Title!


“BJ Whitmer is undoubtedly one of the toughest men in all of wrestling.” said Nigel, “Not only that but he is another individual who has NEVER challenged Kevin Steen for the World Championship. Looking back on their bout in Dayton last year, it took Jimmy Jacobs' help for Kevin to beat BJ, but no matter who the champion may be come May 18th in Richmond, BJ will get his shot and the champ will certainly have their work cut out for them.”


When he first made his return to ROH in 2012, Whitmer found himself wrapped up in S.C.U.M business in large part due to his history with Jimmy Jacobs. It was a matter never quite settled though as BJ, along with Rhett Titus, found himself wrapped up in a heated rivalry with Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin. That issue only recently saw a conclusion at the “11th Anniversary Event” where Whitmer, after taking brutal amounts of punishment, rallied to defeat Haas in a No Holds Barred war. Now BJ's focus falls on that ROH World Title that has eluded him since his first shot against Samoa Joe at “Wrath of the Racket” back in the fall of 2003.


Will it be Kevin Steen, by that point just past his one year mark as champion, that Whitmer faces on May 18th? Will it be Mark or Jay Briscoe? Adam Cole? Or another challenger yet to be named? Keep an eye on ROHWrestling.com, as well as all the upcoming episodes of ROH TV, iPPV events, and DVD tapings as the war against S.C.U.M rages on!!!


It's BJ Whitmer vs. the ROH World Champion! Tickets for our May 18th return to Richmond, VA are available now in the ROH Store!!!