Whitmer Wants Vengeance!

And the target is on Rhett Titus' head...
At the "11th Anniversary Event", Rhett Titus threw away seven years of working his tail off for Ring of Honor when he aligned himself with S.C.U.M and rained down chaos on The Briscoes, Adam Cole, and most importantly, BJ Whitmer.
Whitmer was the man who stepped up to the plate when Titus found himself standing alone against Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin last year.  BJ was the guy who, with no real relationship between them, offered his help to Titus to fend off WGTT and pursue the World Tag Team Titles held by Steve Corino & Jimmy Jacobs at that time.  So what prompted this true ROH original to turn his back on honor?  What turned this graduate of the ROH Dojo under Austin Aries, the final Top of the Class Trophy holder, and former World Tag Team champion with Kenny King, to spit in the face of the company that had given him the opportunity to live his dream?
These are the words of Steve Corino as it pertains to Rhett:
"We want to throw the word 'original' around like it was nothing, but Rhett Titus is a true ROH original. He trained at the ROH Wrestling Academy, he paid his dues, he did everything that was asked of him, and last June his dreams came true when he became one half of the ROH World tag team champions with Kenny King.
When Kenny decided to move on, what did ROH do to the guy that stayed loyal? Punished him. They let Kenny walk and replaced him with BJ Whitmer. Sure, just throw someone in there with Rhett, it doesn't matter was the idea. Talk among fans and even the backstage wrestlers was that Rhett was the 'Marty'. The Marty? How dare all of you. This 24 year old kid gave you everything he had and you stomped on him. Last Saturday night, he became a man. The man."
So with the words of Steve Corino in mind, this author looks back on the recent history and must question if Titus, and Hardy for that matter, had already signed on with S.C.U.M when Rhett threw in the towel for BJ at "Honor vs. Evil"?  At what point did Titus decide that Steve Corino and company were the men he wanted to align himself with going forward? 
Ultimately, will any of that matter come March 30th when, in Asheville at "WAR", Titus will have to answer for his actions against BJ!  Whitmer has lived up to that nickname in recent bouts against Kyle O'Reilly and particularly in that No Holds Barred War against Charlie Haas at the "11th Anniversary Event", and now Titus is the next man BJ is looking to cut down!
Will Titus' first official match as S.C.U.M be one filled with suffering and chaos or will it be BJ who inflicts ugliness and mayhem on the man who has been his tag partner the last several months?  Be there live in Asheville, NC to find out for yourself!!! Tickets on-sale now!!!