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"What About Me" by Steve Corino
"What about me? It isn't fair. I've had enough and I want my share. Can't you see? I want to livE. But you just take more than you give..."
-Moving Pictures, 1982
A sad song for a sad situation, written by a sad man.
My name is Steve Corino and for almost 20 years I have given my life to professional wrestling. And for the last 11 plus years, off and on, I have been a LOYAL employee of Ring Of Honor. Never complaining, always showing up on time, and a role model for what HONOR means.
But I have been wronged.
Late last year, I made the decision to go back to school and get my broadcasting degree. I wanted to contribute to the ever-growing ROH television product on the Sinclair Broadcasting Network. For over 100 episodes, there has been a lack of consistency in the booth and I knew I was the guy to help boost ratings. And why not? I would listen to me. It was great for a while. Kevin Kelly, even though he won't admit it right now, was thrilled. I became like a brother to him in the booth. I mean, we didn't hang out and get girls after the show or anything (I am a honorably married man for God sake), but I could feel that we were close.
Then it all changed in Baltimore.
For NO reason at all, I was asked to leave the DuBurns Arena. 
I called, texted, Tweeted, Facebooked, and even mailed Nigel McGuiness and Ring of Honor...No answer.
Then I was asked to leave Providence.
So I called, texted, Tweeted, Facebooked, and even mailed Nigel McGuiness and Ring of Honor again...No answer.
Then I was asked to leave New York City...New York City. Can you believe that? I sold out that building 13 years ago. If it wasn't for me, ROH wouldn't have a New York City to run events in.
And now, I stand here. Broken and upset. Not broke, but broken. 
I have been wronged by a multi-million dollar corporation and no one can tell me why. I feel like everyone now hates me for NO reason whatsoever. Is it jealousy that I have such a good broadcast journalist? Maybe. Why won't anyone talk to me? I don't stink, I am a really great guy, and I am a freaking legend in professional wrestling. They should all be getting me coffee, but they just to ignore me.
On September 20, ROH will crown a new World champion. But the bigger issue is "Why is ROH ignoring me???"
I want answers. I need answers. I have over 27,000 loyal Twitter followers that beg me to be back on ROH TV and they don't understand either.
ROH, answer this question: What did I do?
Steve Corino
Steve Corino
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