The War Against S.C.U.M Escalates In San Antonio!

Whitmer & Elgin step up to the plate....
“Border Wars 2013” proved to be a mixed bag in the war against Steve Corino and S.C.U.M. BJ Whitmer was successful in his “I Quit” match with Rhett Titus but the high stakes tag team match with Michael Elgin, Jay Lethal, and shockingly Kevin Steen battling Jimmy Jacobs & Cliff Compton did not yield triumphant results. Lethal was hurt which left Elgin to battle it out alone against two men, Kevin stepped up to take Jay's spot in the match but ultimately ended up with his shoulders pinned by Jacobs...a victory that not only reinserted Corino into the announcer's position but secured S.C.U.M a future World Title match.
Coming out of that, as we reported yesterday, Steen is now looking to go it alone and take apart his former unit piece-by-piece. As for Elgin, he is certainly not yet done with Corino's motley crew...
“It was a noble gesture from Kevin to step up on Saturday.” said Elgin to, “I doubt he gave a damn about me fighting it out alone, I know it was more about revenge on SCUM, but it was still a nice thought. What's not a nice thought is that in Kevin's attempt to get revenge, he ended up giving Corino his voice back and he gave SCUM a World Title match on top of that. I'm glad to see you want to go this alone Kevin because, quite frankly, after that I don't think anyone in this locker room is ready to put faith in you just yet. As for me, SCUM we are not done, not by a long shot and in San Antonio I am looking for you, any two of you, to step up to the plate and fight. Compton, Jacobs, Hardy, hell even Corino himself if he still has it in him to lace up his boots...I don't give a damn which of you it is. Just show up prepared to fight...”
When pressed for who he would want to be his partner in this tag team battle, Elgin said there was one man at the top of his list, a man who could be World Champion come June 1st, “Buzzsaw” BJ Whitmer!
“I'm happy Elgin would want me as his partner.” said BJ, “And while I don't know how Nigel would want it to go down, if I beat Jay Briscoe and come to San Antonio as the World Champion, hell I'd fight twice that night if I have to. As a matter of fact, if Elgin's game and I know he will be, what say we make this tag team fight a little more fun, why don't we throw a little bit of Texas in there and do it Tornado style? SCUM likes to toss the rules out the window whenever they get a chance so why don't we just add more chaos to the mix!”
Nigel heard the request and has granted it with a smile on his face! When ROH debuts in San Antonio on June 1st, it will be “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin & “Buzzsaw” BJ Whitmer vs. Two Members of S.C.U.M fighting it out under Texas Tornado Rules! 
McGuinness has informed us that should Whitmer capture the World Title in Richmond he will have to take another look at this match since a World Title bout has already been guaranteed for that night but for now, it's Whitmer/Elgin vs. SCUM when honor comes to Texas! Tickets are on-sale right here!