Update on Kevin Steen & Jay Lethal

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

We have done our best to keep up with the events that have occurred since “Killer Instinct” and the aftermath of the Kevin Steen/Jay Lethal World Title match that turned into complete and utter chaos, saw Jim Cornette assaulted, and a potential lawsuit from Jay Lethal's family. Read here and here for the news from Monday & Tuesday, then read on for the latest updates:

- ROHwrestling.com has secured the footage of Jay Lethal's backstage rampage and will release it to the public tomorrow.

- We will also apparently hear from Kevin Steen tomorrow regarding his conference call yesterday with ROH officials and his demands.

- We just found out that Jay Lethal was originally scheduled to be a trainer at the upcoming ROH Try-Out/Seminar in December but was pulled. Add this, along with fines, to the list of disciplinary actions taken against Lethal for his actions last Saturday. Expect a top ROH star to replace Lethal at the upcoming camp.

- In the event that Kevin Steen does not compete this Saturday at "Glory By Honor XI", ROH officials, although very nervous, have assured us that there will be a suitable opponent for Michael Elgin and that match will be for the ROH World Championship. ROH officials are counting on Kevin Steen being there to defend his championship this Saturday but there is a strong possibility that will not happen. Let's hope ROH officials can get everything straightened out in order to proceed with our highly anticipated main event that is scheduled.
Check back at ROHWrestling.com tomorrow for the footage of Lethal's rampage as well as Kevin Steen's statement...