Unsanctioned Match On Tap For Richmond!

Jay Briscoe will retaliate….
On Saturday night during “Border Wars”, Jay & Mark Briscoe defended their ROH World Tag Titles against Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin in a Fight Without Honor.  It would be their last championship match against one another and it would be fought without the slightest bit of rules or regulations.
After a hotly contested battle that saw blood spilt from the head of Charlie Haas, Jay Briscoe was incapacitated when Shelton dropped him through a table, leaving Haas to used an ether soaked rag to essentially put Mark to sleep and allow WGTT to claim the tag titles for a second time.  The means, although dubious even for a Fight Without Honor, were perfectly legal for the match stipulation but left a hugely sour taste in the mouths of the former champions.
Following the contest, Jay Briscoe confronted ROH officials in the locker room of The Ted Reeve Arena and, in words that are not fit to print here, demanded that he get a chance to “whoop Charlie’s ass” asap.  When informed that there was no way he & Mark would get another title shot against WGTT, Jay only got further riled up and said he didn’t care about the belts right now, didn’t care if Ring of Honor sanctioned the fight, he would just take Haas out now.
In an attempt to calm the situation down, and prevent any locker room violence in Toronto, ROH officials agreed to give Jay that chance soon but it would definitely NOT be sanctioned by Ring of Honor and it would definitely not happen on TV since a Baltimore taping is our next scheduled event. 
So a compromise was reached and in Richmond, this Saturday night, Jay Briscoe will fight Charlie Haas in an Unsanctioned fight!  No countouts, no disqualifications, the “match” can only end via pinfall, submissions, or knockout! ROH has agreed to provide a referee for the fight, at the expense of Jay Briscoe, but beyond that will not provide any of our traditional lighting or music or anything else that gives the impression this fight is sanctioned by Ring of Honor.
In fact, this unsanctioned match will take place AFTER the announced main event between new ROH World Champion Kevin Steen/Jimmy Jacobs as they take on Davey Richards/Kyle O'Reilly!
Jay Briscoe vs. Charlie Haas! Unsanctioned Fight!  It will take place this Saturday night, May 19th, in Richmond and you can get your tickets here!!