TV Title Match Set For Saturday!

Matt Taven has the opportunity of his career...

After this weekend's edition of “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV it can now be announced that Matt Taven, as a result of winning the 2013 Top Prospect Tournament, will receive a TV Title Match THIS Saturday night at the “11th Anniversary Event”!


This shot came about as a result of Taven defeating Tadarius Thomas in the finals due to some questionable help from Truth Martini. The fact that Martini helped was NOT questionable, who he intended to help is actually what was in question. To all eyes it seemed as if Martini was intending to help Tadarius secure the victory, after all he tripped up Taven when he hit the ropes at one point and after Senior Official Todd Sinclair was inadvertently knocked out Truth tossed Tadarius his boot.


Thomas refused the boot but Taven had no such qualms, attempting to swing it at TD only to have Tadarius move, try to O'Connor roll Taven, instead eating the Book of Truth when Martini swung it at his head. Yet despite Martini's involvement earning him the victory, Taven still seemed willing to walk away from the “Life Intervention Expert” until Truth whispered...something...into Taven's ear. Whatever those words may have been, they certainly changed the demeanor of Matt Taven as he shook the hand of Martini and celebrated the win with the House of Truth head.


As with the 2011 TPT Winner Mike Bennett, Matt Taven will now have a shot at championship glory in ROH when, on March 2nd, he challenges Adam Cole for the World TV Title live on iPPV!! It's all part of the “11th Anniversary Event” in Chicago Ridge and you can see it all as it happens right here on! If you can be there live, click here and purchase your tickets now in the ROH Store!


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