Trios Action At Unity!

It’s ROH vs. CHIKARA under Lucha Rules…
April 28, 2012 has been established as “Synergy” for several weeks now, the day when Ring of Honor Wrestling & CHIKARA Pro Wrestling unite to put on a one day event featuring two of most unique professional wrestling organizations on the planet.  CHIKARA will host the afternoon event dubbed “Hot Off The Griddle” featuring Eddie Kingston defending his Grand Championship against Kevin Steen.
Then ROH will host “Unity”, capped off with the ROH World Tag Titles up for grabs between the champions, Jay & Mark Briscoe, and their challengers, the men who beat The Proving Ground at “Homecoming 2012” on behalf of CHIKARA, Hallowicked & Jigsaw! 
And now, in addition to that interpromotional action, ROH & CHIKARA officials have now signed a Trios Match for “Unity” pitting 3 men from ROH against 3…men…from CHIKARA!  The bout will be contested under Lucha Rules, meaning no tags are necessary, as soon as one man leaves the ring another man from his team can take up the action, and that could weigh the balance in the favor of the team representing CHIKARA: The Colony! Consisting of Fire Ant, Soldier Ant, and Green Ant, these insectoid grapplers have achieved championship success in CHIKARA with Fire Ant reigning as Young Lions Cup in the past and the duo of Fire & Solider holding the Campeonatos de Parejas as well.  This is a unit well versed in Trios wrestling, one who has meshed together quite well for some time now.
On the ROH side of things though it is the exact opposite; although officials have formed a trio quite talented in their own right, none of these men have teamed with each other in the past and that could prove the difference.  Former ROH TV Champion Jay Lethal, Adam Cole, and “Technical Lightning” TJ Perkins will team up to represent Ring of Honor that night, and although Perkins holds a victor over Fire Ant at “Showdown in the Sun – Day 2”, one must figure the odds are certainly in the favor of CHIKARA…
“I know the CHIKARA group is the odds on favorite.” said Adam Cole, “The Colony has been a group for awhile, they know each other so well it’s probably like one hive mind, that’s their strongest trait.  Jay, TJ, and I…we’ve never done this, we’ve never stood side by side and fought as partners, and we certainly don’t know how one another is thinking.  That is the odds on advantage that they have, but what the three of us do know, and know quite well, is how to defy the odds.  See, this is about more than the three of us as individuals; this is about representing Ring of Honor, and representing it as winners. That is something we all take seriously and that is what we are bringing to Unity.”
It’s CHIKARA vs. ROH at “Unity” on April 28th!  Trios actions usually leads to a bit of insanity so strap yourselves in for some exciting action inside The Frontier Fieldhouse!  Jay Lethal, Adam Cole, & TJ Perkins vs. The Colony (Fire Ant, Soldier Ant, & Green Ant)!  Get your tickets now and for more information on CHIKARA’s “Hot Off The Griddle” featuring Kingston vs. Steen, click here!