Titus vs. Haas In Pittsburgh!

How will “Best in the World 2012” color this battle?
It was announced over the weekend on “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV that The All Night Express will great their well-deserved rematch with WGTT at “Best in the World 2012” on June 24th after being blatantly screwed in Richmond when Charlie Haas whacked Rhett Titus across the face with the title belt to draw a disqualification.
It was a title opportunity that Titus & Kenny King had been waiting months for, which Titus suffered through knee surgery and months of rehabilitation for, and Haas attempted to take it all away in quite the desperate fashion.  Well on June 24th Charlie & Shelton will have no choice but to fight like men because a DQ for them means the titles will change hands and ANX will finally achieve their dream, albeit likely not in the manner they would wish to have it happen.
One week later though, when ROH returns to the Pittsburgh area for the first time in over 3 years, regardless of the title match outcome, Rhett will get an opportunity to exact a measure of revenge on Charlie Haas in a more personal fashion.
“Me and Kenny, we want those belts more than we’ve ever wanted anything in our lives.” Said Rhett to ROHWrestling.com, “Charlie tried to rob us of that in Richmond but that only worked for the night because in NYC him and Shelton will have scrap with us again. It’ll be sweet to beat them in New York…again, and take the titles this time but what might be just as sweet is whooping Charlie’s ass one-on-one in Pittsburgh! Once upon a time hitting me with the belt like that would have left me all worried about how my face looked but I’ve seen my own blood too many times the last few years. I’ve felt my skin rip open and looked in the mirror just to see stitch after stitch holding it together.  Now all something like that does is get me fired up Charlie, fired up to hurt you, to maybe break your face with those title belts that will no doubt belong to me and Kenny after NYC!”
Rhett Titus vs. “The Outlaw” Charlie Haas goes down on June 30th when Ring of Honor makes its debut at The Rostraver Ice Gardens in Belle Vernon, PA!  It’s all part of a huge card that includes a World Title Match, a huge tag team grudge match, and a special Meet & Greet with the legendary Bruno Sammartino!  Get your tickets now!