Titus Steps Up To The Challenge!

Can Rhett achieve his dream this weekend?

Amongst other things, it was announced yesterday that Kevin Steen would defend the ROH World Title this weekend in Baltimore during the “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV Tapings.


ROHWrestling.com has now confirmed just who will get that title opportunity and it is a man whose entire wrestling career has been defined in Ring of Honor: former World Tag Team Champion Rhett Titus!


Growing up watching Ring of Honor Wrestling VHS tapes & DVDs, it was a childhood dream of Titus' to hoist the ROH World Title over his head in victory. The dream grew a little more realistic when he entered into the ROH Wrestling Academy in 2005 under the tutelage of former 2-Time ROH World Champion Austin Aries and took another step closer when he stepped into the ROH ring for the first time to face Shane Hagadorn in Dayton in January 2006.


Since that day nearly seven years, Titus has fought his heart out to reach the top of the ladder in ROH. He stood alone as the Top of the Class Trophy holder, then stood at the side of Kenny King as part of The All Night Express & briefly held the ROH World Tag Team Titles. Now Rhett, having just celebrated his 25th birthday last Saturday, once again stands alone and on September 22nd he will attempt to claim the ROH World Title in possession of Kevin Steen!