Team Richards Has A Nightmare

It’s Kevin Steen vs. Kyle O’Reilly in Baltimore…

Kevin Steen had a very successful “Showdown in the Sun” weekend, defeating El Generico in their Last Man Standing Match on Friday, pinning Eddie Edwards on Saturday, as well as being at least partially responsible for Jimmy Jacobs embracing his own darkness (one imagines that only in Kevin’s mind is that a measure of success though).

Kyle O’Reilly split the difference over the course of his weekend, losing to Jay Lethal in a TV Title bout on Friday but pinning former Future Shock partner Adam Cole on Saturday, albeit many believe with a handful of tights.  O’Reilly also celebrated in victories for his camp with Davey Richards’ back-to-back successful title World defenses against Roderick Strong & Eddie Edwards one night and Michael Elgin the following day.  It is that man, the World Champion, which bonds our two subjects together…
Since “Glory by Honor X” when Kevin Steen, a paying “fan” at the time, elected to assault El Generico & Davey Richards after their World Title match, Davey and the World Title have become a large part of Kevin’s focus.  Then, once he officially earned his reinstatement at “Final Battle 2011”, it became Steen’s only focal point, so much so that on two of the biggest nights in recent memory for ROH (“FB 2011” & “10th Anniversary”), Kevin has chosen to crash the party to antagonize Davey following his matches. 
With the latter match though, Kevin’s timely involvement may have kept Kyle O’Reilly from digging himself into a deep, deep hole.  After Davey was pinned by Adam Cole in the “Young Wolves Rising” event, the champion shook the hands of his opponents but his protégé & training partner elected to do the exact opposite, stating he didn’t respect Cole or Eddie Edwards and refusing to shake their hands.  Before the situation could degenerate, Steen interrupted and reminded Davey that he would be his own personal nightmare until they fought for the belt.
Kyle’s disrespect took another turn when he, in many fan’s minds, blatantly cheated to defeat Adam Cole at “SITS – Day 2” by hooking the tights after successfully rolling through on the same top rope crossbody that led to Davey’s defeat in March.  It was a side of Kyle no one in ROH had ever seen.
“I don’t want to hear any excuses from Adam.” said Kyle to, “I beat him plain as day, proved he wasn’t deserving of my respect, proved that it was me who carried Future Shock, and now it is time to move on with my life. And I know exactly what that next step is; it’s calling out Kevin Steen on behalf of Team Richards and telling him to step up to the plate and fight! You want to holler Davey’s name out every chance you get, well don’t forget, he’s got support and a team at his back. You call out him and you call out all of us.  So Kevin I want you in the ring and I don’t want to wait, so meet me in Baltimore.  Come on Nightmare, step up.” reached out to Kevin for his response and received the following:
“I’ve got no problem fighting you Kyle, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time I’ve kicked your little ***, but what I do have a problem with is you running your mouth like you’re the one carrying around the title, acting like Davey needs someone to fight his battles for him. It’s funny, cute actually; you’re like the little runt of the American Wolf pack trying to get momma wolf’s attention.  So yeah, Kyle I will gladly come fight you in Baltimore but just answer me one question please, something I’ve been wondering for month and I can’t quite move past it so help me out, how exactly do you fit your head up Davey’s *** when Cornette’s is already so far up it?”
So there you have it!  Steen vs. O’Reilly, THIS Saturday night at The Du Burns Arena in Baltimore, MD when ROH returns to tape “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV for the SBG Broadcasting networks nationwide.  Be there live to witness the best wrestling in the world!  Tickets are available right here.