Team Ambition Finally Collides!

Davey & Kyle go one-on-one...
It is something that has been building for months now, since “Best in the World 2012” at the very least where Kyle O'Reilly verbally lambasted his friend & training partner before walking out on him prior to Davey Richards' World Title bout with Kevin Steen. Just a short time later Richards lost in his rematch with Steen and stepped away from Ring of Honor for several months to refocus.
He first showed up somewhat unexpectedly at “Caged Hostility” where, after addressing the fans briefly, sat ringside during the Adam Cole/O'Reilly Proving Ground match in which Kyle earned himself a future TV Title shot in part due to an unintentional distraction provided by Davey.
Davey officially returned to action during the “Survival of the Fittest 2012” tournament that also included Kyle and many thought they would collide in the finals. Yet while Davey made it and survived to be one of the last two men standing, Kyle was eliminated in his qualifying bout against Mike Mondo.
Then on the 11/17 edition of ROH TV, O'Reilly came up short in his TV Title match with Adam Cole and the following week, as Davey Richards attempted to mend fences with with Kyle, his former protege attacked him and, along with Bobby Fish, laid out the former World Champion.
Fast forward to this past Sunday at “Final Battle 2012” where the reunited American Wolves of Davey & Eddie Edwards defeated O'Reilly & Fish in an epic tag team contest when Kyle succumbed to Eddie repeatedly stomping on his head while trapped in a half crab.
“It took two of you.” said Kyle O'Reilly to, “That is the message I have to send to Davey and Eddie after Final Battle. It took two of you to beat me in New York. You had to get rid of Bobby Fish and double team me to beat me. Watch the show back Davey, it's all right there live and in-color. What that taught me, the last lesson you will ever teach me Davey, is that you can't beat me by yourself. Eddie can't beat me by himself. It takes two of you to put me down but guess what Davey, you aren't going to have back-up next time we step into the ring together. It will be just me and you, one-on-one, and you know I can beat you in that situation. I did it countless times in training, and you know we always trained just as hard as we would fight in a match. See I talked to ROH officials after New York Davey and demanded they give me this match. It's going to be a hell of a way to ring in the New Year for me Davey when ring your bell in Milwaukee!”
That's right...on January 19th when ROH returns to Milwaukee, it will be Kyle O'Reilly and Davey Richards finally going one-on-one! It's Student vs. teacher, it's friend vs. friend, it is the final nail in the coffin of Team Ambition! Tickets are on-sale right NOW in the ROH Store!!!