Tag Team Grudge Match In Chicago!

Who will Generico select?
At “Showdown in the Sun”, El Generico suffered two times over as he was first defeated by Kevin Steen in their Last Man Standing battle, in large part due to the involvement of Jimmy Jacobs.  Then in a surprise bout that next day stemming from that result, Generico fell once again, this time to Jimmy himself.  To say it was a devastating return for Generico, after four months away following the fallout of “Final Battle 2011”, well that would be a gross understatement.
The silence that frequently follows events like this is not uncommon when speaking of El Generico, as he tends to retreat inward. That silence is usually broken up by simple requests or statements of intent on his part, and the last 10 days have been no different.  The last time his silence was broken by “La Revancha”, meaning revenge, this time it was a bit more verbiage, but a powerful statement nonetheless…
“No he acabado” or in English, “I’m not finished!”
Also included were a few simple statements in English, “Jimmy”, “Kevin”, “Tag team” and “Chicago” most notably, leading ROH officials to the conclusion that The Generic Luchador wants one thing: a tag team match in Chicago Ridge!
“If that’s what he wants, give it to him.” said Jacobs to ROHWrestling.com, “If he’s deluded enough to ask to fight me again, or more importantly to want to fight Kevin again, then by all means please honor his request.  He didn’t get enough in Florida presumably and if he wants more so be it.  This is Jimmy Jacobs unleashed you are dealing with Generico, one who has found his happy place again and it is located in heart of violence.  Kevin was right, Kevin is right, and it felt so good to admit that to myself when I took that spike to your head. I support him, who will support you? You have no friends left here who will spill blood for you like Colt Cabana did. Who will you find willing to take this bullet on your behalf?”
That is a question still left unanswered.  When ROH officials emailed Generico back to inform him the match was on, they inquired as to who his partner would be and as of this writing are still awaiting a response to the question.  ROH officials want it to be known, and please inform El Generico, that he has one week to provide an answer to that question or he will lose this match he personally requested.
It’s Kevin Steen & Jimmy Jacobs vs. El Generico & a partner to be named, and it goes down in Chicago Ridge at “Unity” on April 28th!  Steen & Generico have engaged in some violent wars at The Frontier Fieldhouse, just check out the recently re-released “Bitter Friends, Stiffer Enemies 2” to see for yourself, so who knows what chaos this will bring.  Tickets for this event are available here!