Tag Team Challenge Signed For “Unity”!

It’s WGTT vs. Team Richards for the first time…
It’s been one heck of a week for Kyle O’Reilly since he got home from Ft. Lauderdale, first it was announced yesterday that he would face Kevin Steen this Saturday night in Baltimore and now his opponent…or rather opponents…for “Unity” on April 28th have been signed!
For the first time ever it will be ROH World Champion Davey Richards & Kyle O’Reilly taking on Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team, former ROH World Tag Champions Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin!
“This is a beating I look forward to handing out I gotta say.” offered Charlie Haas to ROHWrestling.com, “Me and Shelton beat Davey when he was running with Eddie Edwards, we’ve beaten on Kyle a couple times now, so put the two together as partners and it’s double the pleasure double the fun I’d say. Train together all you want boys, hit that gym as hard as you can, but it ain’t the same as teaming day in and day out inside the ring. Me and Shelton have been doing that for years, we’ve been on a unified front for years, but after watching how Kyle decided to do his business in Florida, I gotta wonder, can you two can say the same?”
What Charlie is referring to is the manner in which Kyle O’Reilly reportedly defeated Adam Cole with a hook of the tights; blatant cheating that referee Paul Turner was unaware of when he counted the pinfall.  See for yourself right here:
That was the first time during his ROH career that Kyle has ever resorted to such tactics to win a match and given the mentality in which Davey Richards approaches professional wrestling, one must wonder how something like that sits with the champion.  Was that a one time thing from Kyle?  Or was it just a portent of things to come?  Whichever the case maybe, we can only speculate if words were exchanged between Davey and his partner about the manner in which O’Reilly conducted himself. 
Obviously nothing has came out of Team Richards regarding the situation as of this moment so it will be intriguing to see if Davey & Kyle will live up to the “Unity” tag that this event has been labeled with.  WGTT have proven to be a cohesive unit and if Team Richards can’t claim the same, it will certainly be their downfall…
WGTT vs. Richards & O’Reilly goes down on Saturday April 28th in Chicago Ridge, IL!!!  It’s all part of our “Unity” event, one-half of the larger “Synergy” effort we are hosting along with CHIKARA, and you can get your tickets for this huge day of wrestling right here!