Stronger Than Death?

Matt Hardy takes on BJ Whitmer...

It was one of the scariest moments of the night at “Final Battle 2012” when BJ Whitmer ascended to the top rope thinking Charlie Haas, laid on a table, was too out of it to stop him. Unfortunately Haas sprung up, surprised Whitmer, and suplexed BJ off the top thru a table headfirst.

It was a truly terrifying moment that left all of us here at Ring of Honor quite concerned for BJ's health and well-being but thankfully, after a bit of rest and relaxation, there were no serious effects to Whitmer's head and neck. Whitmer's career has been defined by moments like those, surviving things that would put a normal man down for the count, and being able to continue fighting.
He did it with a broken ankle for months, he did it during the CZW war when he was abused in every ultraviolent fashion possible, and only BJ himself knows what other physical trauma he has suffered through silently yet continued to battle on. Yet despite these courageous moments in his career, despite the scary situation at “Final Battle 2012”, there is one man who has found a way to take up issue with Whitmer's survival skills: Matt Hardy.
“Stronger than death?” Hardy said via e-mail to ROH officials, “In New York I heard fans say that BJ Whitmer was the one stronger than death, and that Matt Hardy had nothing on him. I don't know what all BJ has gone through in his life, I'm sure it's been traumatic, but none of it compares to everything I have seen and felt in my years traveling the globe as an internationally recognized superstar. I survived drugs, TLC, car wrecks, I have stared death in her face, walked through hell, and come out the other side with a smile on my face. Stronger than Death? That title only belongs to one man and that man is obviously Matt Hardy. So what I am telling ROH officials to do is make BJ Whitmer's career and let him get into the ring with me in Milwaukee. I heard you've traveled the world a little yourself too BJ but one night in the ring with Matt Hardy and more eyes will be on you than ever before. So make the most of it BJ but don't be mistaken, I will show you and everyone watching that night who really lives up to those three words.”
It's Matt Hardy vs. BJ Whitmer on Jan. 19th when ROH hits Milwaukee, WI! Which warrior will prove stronger than death? Be there live to find out!!!