Storm vs. Bennett III

The rubber match hits Baltimore…
At “Showdown in the Sun – Day 1” on March 30th, “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett beat Lance Storm in the center of the ring to the shock of many a member of the ROH faithful.  What was not anywhere near as shocking was what happened following the contest when a handshake was offered; Bennett pulled in Storm, laid him out with The Box Office Smash, than proceeded to stand over the highly decorated champion with Maria Kanellis on his arm.
The challenge for a rematch was issued almost immediately by Storm, and just as quickly signed for “Border Wars” on May 12th, which went down in Lance’s home country of Canada at the famed Ted Reeve Arena in Toronto.  It was a venue familiar to storm as he compete there during “Death Before Dishonor VII” weekend several years prior, but unlike his last visit there, this one proved victorious as Storm, turning the tables on Bennett, used a chair to help garner a victory over “The Prodigy” and even the score.
It was then announced that Storm would be taking part in our June 29th “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV tapings in Baltimore and before the ink was even dry on the contract, ROH officials were contacted by “The Prodigy”…
“First you give the old man a rematch he doesn’t deserve after I beat him clean.” the e-mail stated, “Then he stoops to using a chair to beat me because he can’t do it any other way and you all just let it slide like nothing happened. Now you’re letting him come back again without as much as a fine? It just screams favoritism.  Well how about you do the right thing by me for the first time since I signed onto Ring of Honor and give me one more match with Lance! One more chance to show him the front door of the retirement home, one more chance to make Lance realize that his time came and went and now it’s all about The Prodigy.  The world saw me beat him on iPPV, they saw him cheat to win on iPPV, so why not let the world see me Old Yeller Lance on Ring of Honor TV?”
ROH officials contacted Lance and he was more than happy to accept the challenge to face Bennett one last time.
“I showed the kid respect in Florida.” Lance said to, “He made the choice to shove it in my face after the match but he also had the showed enough guts to step back into the ring for the match in Canada.  He wants to cry about getting a taste of his own medicine at Border Wars? So be it. I will be happy to step into action one more time against Bennett and settle this issue.  He’s one hell of an athlete, and he certainly forces me to be a better wrestler, but he’s also a piece of garbage as a person and I can’t think of a man more deserving of being smacked across the face. Mike Bennett…I will see you in Baltimore.”