Sometimes, a common enemy makes for unlikely allies.  The violent history between Kevin Steen and Cliff Compton stems from when both were members of SCUM, the faction set on destroying Ring of Honor.  Through SCUM, fans saw a side of Compton previously kept quiet in his previous wrestling employment: dark, twisted, and chaotic.  



After Steen left the group and tried to earn his way back into the ROH title scene, he took on SCUM members in a series of matches.  His encounter with Cliff Compton would be a wild empty arena match that exemplified the bitter feelings between Steen and Compton.


But Cliff Compton has recently resurfaced in ROH. He made his presence felt immediately by jumping Kevin Steen.  The two had a number of brawls that not even security could stop. This all led to an unsanctioned, absolutely brutal street fight in Philadelphia at the 12th Anniversary, a match ROH officials refused to condone because they knew how dangerous it could be.  Steen got the hard fought victory that night.  But he also gained new - some would say sadistic - respect for Compton, who took an incredible amount of punishment and gave it right back.


Two more men known for their brutality and anti-ROH philosophy also made their way to Philadelphia last month.  Eddie Kingston and Homicide, now known as Outlaw Inc., had been suspended from Ring of Honor after their unconscionable tirade at Final Battle nearly caused a riot. Their return marked a change in Outlaw Inc. No longer hiding behind a "good guy" facade, Kingston and Homicide were quite open with their plan to destroy ROH,  And they wanted help. Kevin Steen's help.


Outlaw Inc.'s attempted to "recruit" Steen didn't go exactly as planned.  Steen would take on Homicide, sending the clear message that he is not interested in joining the group. Eventually this match devolved into a DQ and Steen was in trouble - until CLIFF COMPTON made the save! In an attempt to impress Steen, Outlaw Inc. jumped Compton in the parking lot and tried to take him out.  Instead, Philadelphia saw the rise of an unlikely team.


Now in Baltimore on April 19th at "Second to None," these four men will be in a ring together. A ring and wherever else they choose to settle their differences, that it...because this match is now a CHARM CITY STREET FIGHT!


Can Steen and Compton continue to coexist fighting a common enemy? Or will this street fight turn into total chaos? You have to be there live to see how this goes down! Tickets to our huge Baltimore return can be purchased right HERE. Keep checking for more stars confirmed and match announcements!