How will the future of Ring of Honor be determined?
THIS Sunday afternoon, as part of the biggest “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV tapings yet, Steel Cage Warfare returns to ROH for the first time since January 2009's “Caged Collision” event. That night, as with the first ever SCW in 2005, the battle was about pride, about rivalries, and about settling scores. And while all those elements are a factor in June 23rd's Steel Cage Warfare, when Team ROH takes on S.C.U.M, it is also about the fate of Ring of Honor.
If the team of Elgin, Lethal, BJ Whitmer, and either Mark or Jay Briscoe are victorious then Suffering, Chaos, Ugliness, & Mayhem will cease to be and Steve Corino will apologize for his actions as well as bend to the will of Match Maker Nigel McGuinness.  If it is Jacobs, Titus, Rhino, and Compton who are the victors though, then the future of ROH will rest in the hands of Corino as he assumes McGuinness' position and becomes the official Match Maker for Ring of Honor. Essentially the power to kill honor will become his...
With our most important night in 11 years looming THIS Sunday, was informed that, just this morning, the rules for this Steel Cage Warfare match have been finalized and are as follows:
- Elimination Rules
- Eliminations can occur at any time by pinfall or submission.
- Coin flip before the match to determine the advantage.
- 2 men start and will wrestle for 5 minutes.
- After 5 minutes a member from the team who won the coin flip enters.
- Entrants then alternate between teams every 2 minutes.
This Sunday afternoon it's ROH (Whitmer, Elgin, Lethal, & Briscoe) versus S.C.U.M (Jacobs, Titus, Rhino, & Compton) in STEEL CAGE WARFARE!!! To say the future of ROH is at stake here would be an understatement...
Tickets for June 23rd are available now in the ROH Store or at the door this weekend at the Du Burns Arena in Baltimore.