"The Sicilian Psychopath” Meets A Man Beast!

Why is Rhino targeting Ciampa?
As you will see in an upcoming episode of ROH TV, S.C.U.M is dead. The group captained by Steve Corino lost Steel Cage Warfare and as such were forced to disband but it left the future of many mens' ROH careers in question. There has been no word from Corino, Matt Hardy, Rhett Titus, or Cliff Compton while Jimmy Jacobs will be making an appearance at the very non-traditional “Night of Hoopla” event this Thursday night to perform his new single live.
Another man whose future was left in question by the demise of S.C.U.M was “The Man Beast” Rhino although it is safe to say he shed no tears over the unit's death except maybe to mourn the monetary loss of whatever Corino was paying him.
Still it seems that Rhino is one man who will never be hard up for employment because he has already found a backer and will be in action in Milwaukee THIS Friday night when he goes one-on-one with “The Sicilian Psychopath” Tommaso Ciampa! Who hired the master of The Gore? It's a safe bet that the money trail would lead back to RD Evans but, at the moment, the Barrister denies his involvement...
“Why I never!” said RD Evans in an e-mail to ROHWrestling.com, “Do I have motivation to hire Rhino? Yes. Do I have the financial resources to hire the Man Beast? Yes. Does any of that mean I am the guilty party? No! It is circumstantial evidence at best and far from enough to convict me. I would not mourn should Rhino Gore Tommaso Ciampa back into physical rehabilitation but I would never...never...hire an individual to take care of business that QT Marshall can and will take care of whenever he wants!”
Can you trust a single word coming out of Evans' mouth? NO! Is it likely he is simply lying about his involvement in this bout? YES! Whatever the case may be, when that bell rings it will not matter who's lining Rhino's pockets because Ciampa will be in the ring with one of the most vicious men in pro wrestling. Ciampa went toe-to-toe with Michael Elgin at “Best in the World 2013” and nearly beat the #1 entry into the World Title tourney, can he go all the way against Rhino and pick up the victory?
Be there live THIS Friday night in Milwaukee to see it for yourself!! Tickets are on-sale now or at the door Friday night!!