Showdown in the Sun Rematch Signed!

Elgin & Richards meet once again...
On March 31st at “Showdown in the Sun – Day 2”, then-ROH World Champion Davey Richards collided with Michael Elgin in an title bout that fans immediately began to declare the match of the year. It was truly an epic battle as Elgin challenged for the title for the very first time, and as a matter of fact, very nearly captured it on his first shot. It was a fight that Davey himself will tell you was one of the toughest of his wrestling career and one in which Michael Elgin truly earned the respect of “The American Wolf”. Elgin may have lost but it is without a doubt that, when the history of ROH is looked back upon, 3/31/12 will be marked as the night that “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin arrived...
It was not their first clash though, in fact that match was a rematch of their Proving Ground contest that took place in December 2011 on “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV. That night Davey was victorious, denying Elgin a future World Title shot, but it was only by the skin of his teeth that Richards had his hand raised.
Now on November 3rd, almost one year since their first one-on-one ROH collision, Davey Richards & Michael Elgin will lock horns when Ring of Honor returns to the Pittsburgh area for our final TV Taping of the 2012!!!
“Michael Elgin is straight up the most ridiculously powerful guy I have ever been in the ring with.” said Davey to, “That's saying a lot considering how many times I was in the ring with Claudio. See back in March, it was almost his night to become champion... almost. In fact, even though he lost, I'd say that night is the night Elgin stepped up and showed me, and the world, who he really is. A beast, a machine, and a future champion. I'm hoping that his future begins this weekend in Canada, I am hoping that he succeeds where me and Eddie and Roderick and a handful of others have failed. I want to see that man become champion as much as I want to see Kevin lose it. Elgin deserves it, but if you ask me, he also deserves to rid himself of Truth Martini completely. I've made my thoughts on Truth pretty clear over the last few years and Elgin, if you ever want to be a true champion, if you ever want to live up to your ultimate potential, lose the leech. Trust me, I've been there...”

As Davey mentioned, Elgin has the very real chance to become World Champion this weekend at “Glory by Honor XI: An Unbreakable Hope” live on iPPV. IF Elgin dethrones Kevin Steen on Saturday, then on November 3rd in Pittsburgh, he will make his first title defense against Davey Richards!
It's Richards vs. Michael Elgin 3 as part of our final “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV tapings of 2012 and the World Title might be on the line! Tickets for our return to the Rostraver Ice Gardens are available right here in the ROH Store!!!!!