A “Showdown In The Sun” Rematch Is Signed!

Lance Storm comes back for retribution…
As seen at “Showdown in the Sun – Day 1” and on the April 14th edition of “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV, “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett scored a huge win over Lance Storm but spit in the face of the Canadian Icon’s show of respect, laying out Lance after he extended his hand.
Following the match, Storm challenged Bennett to a rematch at any time and in any location, refusing to go out in that fashion with “some cheap son of a b**** and his two-bit girlfriend standing over me”. Well that rematch is coming quick as ROH officials have officially signed it for “Border Wars” on May 12th in Toronto!!!
“Once wasn’t enough for you old man?” said Bennett to ROHWrestling.com, “It wasn’t enough for you to be beaten, broken, and embarrassed in Florida?  Now you want me to do the exact same thing to you in your home country? Well how can I say no to an opportunity like that Lance? How can I turn down an open invitation to put you back on the shelf, back where you belong, right in front of your fellow Canucks? Time has passed you by, I’m living proof of that, but I guess senility is setting in because it looks like you forgot already. I suppose I will just have to give you another reminder in Toronto…”
ROHWrestling.com has also learned that Maria will not be at her man's side in Canada but Bennett himself said that it didn't matter because she's always with him in spirit and that as soon as he's done with Storm he will be back on a plane to her side.  It’s Storm/Bennett II and it goes down on May 12th in Toronto at The Ted Reeve Arena as part of ROH’s “Border Wars” event!  Get your tickets right here in the ROH Store!!!