S.C.U.M vs. ROH In Canada!

What will be Corino's fate in Toronto?
This weekend on "Ring of Honor Wrestling" TV, after Steve Corino & S.C.U.M assaulted Jorge Santi and Tadarius Thomas before their match could really get underway, a verbal confrontation occurred between Nigel McGuinness and Corino. 
Essentially Corino played the game and attempted to goad Nigel into giving S.C.U.M a World Title shot by insulting McGuinness' career, his documentary, and anything else that crossed his mind.  Nigel, having had enough, extended an offer to give S.C.U.M a chance at "Border Wars 2012"...if two members of S.C.U.M could beat Michael Elgin & Jay Lethal than a member of S.C.U.M (who Steve essentially stated would be his "spiritual son" Matt Hardy) would get a World Title shot BUT if they failed, then Corino would leave Ring of Honor forever.
Corino, surprisingly, shot it down...he wanted to sweeten the pot with one addendum to the deal.  If S.C.U.M won the battle at "Border Wars 2013", not only would they get a World Title shot but Steve would also become the new color commentator alongside Kevin Kelly, filling a vacancy left by Caleb Seltzer's absence, one caused by Corino assaulting Seltzer at "Supercard of Honor VII".
Nigel, willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of Corino and further weaken the threat of S.C.U.M, agreed....
"It's a risk." said McGuinness to ROHWrestling.com, "But it's a risk that I am willing to take and that Lethal and Elgin are willing to bear the responsibility for.  I know I am asking a lot of those two men, I know I am giving SCUM an in to the World Title, but the chance to rid Ring of Honor of Steve Corino makes it a risk worth taking.  He is the head of the snake and without Corino, SCUM will cease to function, they will wither and die.  If cracking open the door to the World Title is what I have to do to see ROH safely through, than that is what I will do.  I trust Elgin and Lethal to do the job I have asked of them, and I know that Jay in particular would love nothing more than to shut Corino's gob once and for all."
It's S.C.U.M versus Jay Lethal & Michael Elgin at "Border Wars 2013"!  If Team ROH wins, then Corino will leave ROH but if S.C.U.M wins, then a member will get a future ROH title shot and Corino will sit next to Kevin Kelly as color commentator.  The stakes are high in Toronto and you can catch all the action live on iPPV or in-person at the Ted Reeve Arena!