ROH Television Championship Set For “Best in the World 2012”

3 Men battle it out with Elimination Rules…
Jay Lethal held the ROH World TV Title for 231 days, from August 13, 2011 until March 31, 2012 at “Showdown in the Sun – Day 2” when it appeared that The House of Truth & The Embassy LTD conspired to rob him of the championship AFTER The Embassy’s own Tommaso Ciampa goaded Lethal into putting the title on the line against The HoT’s Roderick Strong.
Seated at ringside throughout the bout, promising to shake Lethal’s hand if he put the title on the line and retained it, Ciampa waited for the most opportune moment, and when the referee was distracted and Lethal was right in front of him, “The Dominant Male” slammed the champion into the corner post, leaving him ripe for the pickings.  Strong was crowned the new TV champion, also becoming only the 2nd Triple Crown Winner in ROH history, while Lethal was left scratching his head as to what just happened.
“I knew that night that something was not right.” said the former TV champion, “I knew that The House and The Embassy had just screwed me, that apparently it wasn’t my title that was of interest to Nana’s crew, it was only my pride.  Ciampa, Nana, RD Evans, their only goal was to humiliate me at every step it seemed. Well I think I can safely say that they got a little of their own served right back in Toronto…”
At “Border Wars” on May 12th, Lethal & Ciampa squared off in singles competition and it would prove to be the most embarrassing night in Tommaso’s Ring of Honor career as Jay finally ended the year-plus unbeaten streak of “The Dominant Male”.  In some ways, that loss was more devastating for Ciampa than Lethal’s loss of the TV Title…
“As much as it sucked to lose the TV Title, especially the way I did, I can always work to reclaim that championship. Ciampa can never get back that first loss; it will haunt him every single time he has to look at me across the ring. Every time he sees me in the locker room he has to remember that I was the first man to beat him, every time he hears my name it’s a reminder that Jay Lethal beat him. I can once again become champion; Tommaso can never be undefeated again.”
As for Roderick, since taking possession of the TV Title he has successfully defended in on two occasions, the first against Adam Cole on “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV and the second also at “Border Wars” against the veteran “Belfast Bruiser” Fit Finlay.  Now, he faces the toughest challenge of his title reign as he must defend against BOTH Jay Lethal & Tommaso Ciampa at “Best in the World 2012” on Sunday June 24th live on iPPV!  Lethal knows that feeling…
“Last year at Final Battle 2011, I was the man defending against two challengers, Mike Bennett and El Generico, and I managed to survive with the title still in my possession.  It was certainly the most difficult title defense I had, having to keep watch on two wrestlers at a time until the first elimination evened the playing field. I know the position you’re in now Roderick, and I don’t envy it.  The question is how will you choose to defend your title?  Will it be honorably and like the true sportsman you think you are?  Or will you use Truth or Elgin or cut another deal with The Embassy to make sure I’m taken out of the picture? I don’t expect this to be a fair fight; I don’t think either Roderick or Tommaso are capable...”
The ROH World TV Title will be on the line as Roderick Strong makes his 3rd defense against former champion Jay Lethal & “The Dominant Male” Tommaso Ciampa in a 3-Way Elimination Bout!  It goes down on June 24th at “Best in the World 2012” live on iPPV from the heart of NYC!  Tickets for the event are available right here and it will be available to order on iPPV shortly!  Can Roderick walk out of NYC with the title still in the HoT camp? Will it be Lethal who becomes a 2-Time Champ? Or will Ciampa rebound strong from his first loss and claim his first ROH championship? Be there!