ROH Officials Address The Nigel McGuinness Situation…

As seen this weekend at the close of “Ring of Honor Wrestling” on SBG networks nationwide, or here on, former ROH World Champion & current ROH Announcer Nigel McGuinness nearly got involved in a physical altercation with The House of Truth following Eddie Edwards’ victory over Michael Elgin. 

The HoT seemed poised to play the numbers game against Edwards when Roderick Strong came to the ring following Edwards’ win, but McGuinness left his position at the commentary table to even the odds.  While ROH officials know that Nigel was only attempting to prevent an unfair assault, this is a situation that must be addressed.

“Nigel McGuinness is not contracted to Ring of Honor as an active in-ring competitor.” Said Jim Cornette, “Nigel is contracted solely as a commentator and in the future must not enter the ring unless he is assigned to be officials for the purpose of conducting an interview or whatever other duties fall under his role as commentator.  Nigel getting in the ring like he did to back up Eddie is a liability to ROH, and to Nigel himself.  This is something that can’t happen again unless Nigel is signed on as an in-ring competitor.”