Is Ring of SCUM On The Horizon?

Not if Coleman & Alexander have say...
“On March 2nd, from Chicago Ridge, on iPPV...evil is coming, Ring of Honor dies, and we all will live for Ring of SCUM!”
Those were the words of Steve Corino on the most recent edition of “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV (available HERE to Ringside Members) after he and Rhino laid out Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander during their tag team match.
This assault and declaration came on the heels of Steve's announcement that S.C.U.M was essentially holding an open invitation for members with the proliferation of this piece of...propaganda:
Steve, more so than ever and lately more so than World Champion Kevin Steen, seems intent on bringing about the death of ROH and has obviously chosen the “11th Anniversary Event” on March 2nd as the centerpiece of this campaign.
There are a number of ROH wrestlers who have expressed desire to shut this down, to shut Steve and S.C.U.M down, but two men, particularly after the assault they suffered on TV, have been very vocal to Nigel McGuinness in their need to settle up with Steve Corino and S.C.U.M.
“Caprice and I have taken it upon ourselves to silence the voice of S.C.U.M.” said Cedric Alexander to, “The two of us have fallen victim to Steve Corino, Jimmy Jacobs, Rhino, and Kevin Steen on too many occasions. The last time we were in Chicago, Steve Corino cost us an opportunity and becoming tag team champions. Right after that, on TV he did the same when he got the team disqualified to save the belts. Now Rhino and Steve get involved in our match, a match that had nothing to do with them, gore me out of my boots, and tell the world about your need to kill honor? That isn't going to stand.”
“Steve Corino” added Caprice Coleman, “I have known you a long time now and never have I known you to be what I would call a good person. Even on the days you smiled in my face, in my heart, I knew you were planning how to put a knife in my back. Still I thought, I had hoped you'd changed, maybe you even thought you'd changed, but since that day you chose to embrace Kevin Steen once again, you've been turning back into a monster. You may be worse than you've ever been Steve and since you have made it your mission to watch ROH burn, Cedric and I will make it our mission to stand against you. We will fight with our last breath to protect ROH and defend what honor means to us. Your goal to end ROH on its birthday will be a failed one Steve Corino.”
With Caprice and Cedric looking to stand for ROH, looking to settle their debts with S.C.U.M, on March 2nd it will be Coleman & Alexander taking on Steve Corino & Jimmy Jacobs in a rematch of their “Survival of the Fittest 2012” contest!!! That night the tag titles were at stake, this time it may be the very face of Ring of Honor that is on the line!
It's C&C vs. S.C.U.M and it goes down LIVE on iPPV as part of the “11th Anniversary Event”! Click HERE to order the live broadcast or be there in-person in Chicago Ridge to celebrate honor! Tickets are on-sale now!!!!