Revenge or Championships...

Which will it be when reDRagon faces The American Wolves?
At the "11th Anniversary Event", Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish scored a huge victory against Jay & Mark Briscoe and as a result claimed the World Tag Team Titles as their own.  It was a title opportunity earned when redDRagon won a Tag Team Gauntlet on "Ring of Honor Wrestling" TV by beating The American Wolves (albeit with some assistance from S.C.U.M) and although the shot may have been tainted, the championship came in victory free of question.  O'Reilly and Fish beat the most decorated team in ROH history to become champions, a feat that Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards could not pull off at "The Hunt for Gold" less than two months prior. 
"Bobby and I did what Davey and Eddie could not do." said Kyle O'Reilly to, "We beat the men who helped create Ring of Honor, we beat the Briscoes, we took their titles, WE beat The Briscoes! The legendary American Wolves couldn't do it, just like they couldn't stop us from getting the title shot in the first place.  For everything The Briscoes have done the last eleven years, for everything The Wolves did in their time on top, they certainly deserve recognition. Now though, they are the past and Bobby and I are the present, the now of Ring of Honor's tag team division, and we are most certainly the future as well. The time to man up has passed, the hunt is over and done, now everyone can chase the dragon."
Well Kyle & Bobby will have the chance to back up those words soon enough because on April 5th at the sold-out "Supercard of Honor VII" iPPV event, the World Tag Team Titles will be on the line with redDRagon defending against Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards, The American Wolves! 
Last time in NYC at "Final Battle 2012" The Wolves, competing in their first tag team match in over a year, put down Fish & O'Reilly who were certainly competing in the biggest match of their nascent tag team career.  The rematch, as mentioned earlier, went in favor of Fish & O'Reilly and now the rubber match will go down in the Hammerstein Ballroom om 4/5/13!  Will redDRagon maintain their championship status or will it be The Wolves who are crowned for the second time? 
Tickets are sold-out but you can still catch all the action LIVE on iPPV right here on or Join us LIVE the next afternoon Saturday, April 6th at 2pm for ROH’s FIRST National TV Taping in New York City (Click HERE for tickets), to see all the fallout from SUPERCARD OF HONOR VII!!!