The Return Of The Wolves!

Edwards & Richards reunite and jump right into the hunt...
At “Final Battle 2012”, The American Wolves reunited for the first time since “Gateway to Honor” back on November 6th of 2011 and successfully vanquished the duo of Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish. It was a triumphant return to the tag team scene for Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards and it looks like ROH officials are throwing them right into the mix!
On January 18th, when Ring of Honor returns to Dearborn, MI for the first time since “Revolution: USA” in May 2011 it will be The American Wolves versus one of their biggest rivals, the very team that ended their only tag title reign back at “Final Battle 2009”, the current, 8-Time, World Tag Team Champions Jay & Mark Briscoe!!!
As if the potential of that fight wasn't enough, based on Jay's speech after they captured the belts last Sunday, should The Briscoes retain their titles on January 5th in Baltimore over Coleman & Alexander, then this Wolves/Briscoes encounter will be for the World Tag Team Titles!!!
“I meant what I said in New York City boys.” said Jay Briscoe to, “Me and my brother will defend these titles against anyone who wants a shot and damn if I can't think of a better team to have come at us then Eddie & Davey. We've had some wars boys, we've put a hurting one each other quite a few times, but what that did was create some respect in the end. Whether we was fighting over titles, or just fighting to fight, you boys always brought your best and I'll be damned if me and Mark didn't do the same. Well this time Wolves I can guarantee you it will be for the titles. Now we might be a bit messed up and beat up from defending against C and C, but we ain't losing these belts that quick unless it's over our dead bodies and no matter what shape we're in, you know Dem Boys are always bringing the fight right at ya! Honor's still alive and well people and this will be the kinda fight that proves it.”
The Briscoes & The Wolves engaged in quite a heated rivalry over the course of 2009 which kicked off with Davey & Eddie putting Mark on the shelf at “Final Battle 2008” and ultimately came to a head at the aforementioned “FB '09” where the Briscoes beat The Wolves to claim their 6th championship.
It has now been over two years, at “The Bluegrass Brawl” in July 2010 actually, since these duos have collided and now at the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center in Dearborn, their rivalry will be renewed! It's The Briscoes vs. The American Wolves and the World Tag Team Titles could be on the line!
Tickets for our return to MI are available right NOW in the ROH Store!!!