The Psychopath Cometh...

And QT Marshall is in his sights!
At "Boiling Point 2012", "The Sicilian Psychopath" Tommaso Ciampa suffered an excruciating knee injury during the first fall of his 2/3 Falls bout with Jay Lethal but somehow managed to not only continue the fight, but score the second pin fall and force a third fall in the bout Lethal ultimately won.
That same night coincidentally "God's Gift" QT Marshall earned himself an ROH contract with a victory over Matt Taven, Antonio Thomas, and Vinny Marseglia...
Fast forward to September and "Survival of the Fittest 2012" in Baltimore.  That night Ciampa was scheduled to take on Jay Lethal in the Qualifying Round of the tournament but obviously was unable to compete due to his injury.  Ever the caring soul, Ciampa's manager RD Evans likened Ciampa to an injured thoroughbred horse that needed to be taken out and shot which led to Marshall making his debut as Evans newest client as he laid out Ciampa.
Ciampa's presence was not physically seen during the next few months but, ever the workhorse, Tommaso would post videos and tweets updating the world on the status of his rehabilitation, leading to a surprising, albeit preemptive, return at "Final Battle 2012" where he attempted to go after Evans & Marshall but was held back by security.
Months passed, then at "Border Wars 2013", as Evans and Marshall stood in the middle of the ring and ran their mouths, the music and lights hit, the ROH video screen came to life, and out came "The Sicilian Psychopath" looking better than ever!  He took QT down, went to nail that vicious running knee, but RD saved his man from a further beating...for the moment.  The respite did not last long as on the 6/1 edition of ROH TV, Ciampa laid out QT with an Air Raid Crash on the ramp and Evans with a Project Ciampa in the ring!
"Egregious!" said RD Evans, "That was an unprovoked assault on myself and my client slash tag team partner! I want retribution, I want comeuppance, I want Nigel McGuinness to make things right and give Tommaso Ciampa what he deserves, give myself and QT Marshall what we deserve!"
Be careful what you wish for...
"I heard RD Evans' words loud and clear." said McGuinness to, "And will most certainly give Ciampa, Evans, and QT Marshall exactly what they all deserve.  On Sunday June 23rd, as part of the ROH TV tapings, it will be Tommaso Ciampa and QT Marshall going one-on-one!  That is what everyone deserves if you ask me mate!"
"The Sicilian Psychopath" Tommaso Ciampa versus "God's Gift" QT Marshall who you know will have RD Evans in his corner!  Is this Ciampa's opportunity to put his history with Evans & Marshall behind him or is it Marshall's opportunity to do what RD said in September and put the horse out to pasture?  Find out live on 6/23 in Baltimore! Tickets are on-sale now!!!!