The Proving Ground Comes To Texas!

And Matt Taven has his work cut out for him...
Coming off a successful Proving Ground victory at “Dragon's Reign” over Tadarius Thomas, World TV Champion Matt Taven will face another PG challenge when ROH debuts in San Antonio on June 1st. Unlike Thomas though, this challenger is one who knows all too well what it takes to become TV Champion..after all, he was the FIRST.
That's right, on Saturday June 1st it will be World TV Champion Matt Taven versus “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards in a Proving Ground Challenge! If Edwards defeats Taven or lasts the time limit then Eddie will receive a future TV Title match to go along with the World Title bout he has scheduled for “Live and Let Die” in Columbus on June 8th.
“They say Eddie Edwards made this title.” Matt Taven offered to, “That may be true with his wins over Davey Richards, Rhett Titus, Petey Williams, and all the rest but he still has to prove himself to me, to me and the H...O...T. You're no better than the rest Eddie and being the first ever TV champion, being the first ever triple crown winner, those things do not automatically make it so you deserve a shot at my TV Title. You will go the same way as Mark Briscoe, as ACH, as Tadarius Thomas....down. There will be no title opportunity in your future, much less a second reign, and when I am done with you in San Antonio, I expect you to tell everyone else what the hoopla around Matt Taven is all about.”
It's World TV Champion Matt Taven versus “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards under Proving Ground Rules and it will go down on Saturday June 1st in San Antonio, TX! Can Edwards head into his Columbus World Title match with a TV Title shot in his back pocket? Or will Taven overcome the biggest challenge of his ROH career? Tickets are on-sale now for you to be there live and see the best pro wrestling on the planet first hand!