The last time The Proving Ground was held under Four Corner Survival rules, Adam Cole picked up the victory, earned a future TV Title match against Roderick Strong, and would go on to defeat Strong on “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV.
Three men, including two former TV champions, will have the opportunity to repeat history on March 30th at “WAR” in Asheville, NC when The Proving Ground comes to town!!
Newly crowned World TV Champion Matt Taven jumps right into the fire as he welcomes former TV Champion Jay Lethal, former TV Champion Roderick Strong, and ROH's newest acquisition ACH into the Proving Ground! 
-ACH, the man Taven eliminated in the 1st Round of the 2013 TPT, gets this chance as a result of winning the 6 Man Mayhem at the “11th Anniversary Event”
-Lethal, the man who just fell from the #1 World Title Contender spot, is granted the opportunity in part due to that as well as his status as a former TV Title holder
-Roderick is another former TV champion, one who found his way to the title via a Proving Ground victory mind you, and has incessantly complained to Nigel about his lack of championship opportunities since losing to Steen at “Live Strong”. McGuinness essentially told Roddy to put up or shut up and gave him this chance;, one he is, of course, not happy about...
“I said it last time ROH stuck me in a Proving Ground match and I'll say it again.” Roderick told, “How you put a Triple Crown Champion in a Proving Ground match is beyond me! World Title? Check! Tag Titles? Check! TV Title? Check! Survival of the Fittest? Check! Bro I've done it all but Nigel thinks he's cute by throwing me in a Proving Ground? Well guess I'll do the same damn thing I did last time and win the match then beat the champ, and make history again by becoming the first ever two-time TV champion.”
Quick refresher: generally in the Proving Ground someone can earn a future shot at an ROH Title, in this case the TV Title, by either lasting the time limit or defeating the champion, BUT in the case of a Four Corner Survival, there is NO TIME LIMIT nor does the winner have to pin the champion to earn their shot! It's a One Fall, Sudden Death situation for Taven if he wants to keep someone from coming after his title!
Four Corner Survival Proving Ground! Taven vs. Lethal vs. Strong vs. ACH...can Taven deny all four men? Be there live at “WAR” in Asheville on March 30th to see for yourself! Tickets are on-sale now in the ROH Store!!!