Nothing will stop me...

Raymond Rowe
“Nothing will stop me! “ – Ray Rowe
A statement from a man of few words, as he was wheeled out of recovery from major surgery this past Thursday.
Ray’s surgery was a result of a comminuted spiral fracture of the humerus bone in his left arm.  Dr. Jose Rodriguez estimated that surgery would take 3 and a hours.  Due to his muscle and bone density the surgery ended up taking over 6 hours. The surgery consisted of having 2 metal plates and multiple screws being placed into the bone. 
Dr. Rodriguez and rehab therapists put Ray’s return to physical activity at 3 months.  Ray is less than a week into recovery and is already surprising Dr’s with his advancement and determination.  3 times a day he is doing sets of 500 squats!
“My mind set isn’t about a bone healing, its about getting back inside that ring, standing side by side with Hanson and destroying reDRagon to claim the Ring Of Honor World Tag Team Titles!”
The road to recovery may be a long one for Ray Rowe, but for Ray Rowe this is a road bump on the path towards greatness in Ring Of Honor.