Nana Vs. Evans!

The Prince looks for revenge...
Frequently forgotten fact... Prince Nana competed on the first ever ROH event, “The Era of Honor Begins”, back in 2002 and has, in fact, been in the ring with some of the top talent in the world including Samoa Joe, Low Ki, AJ Styles, and Roderick Strong. His focus though, at least as far as ROH has been concerned, has been on his managerial services while sitting at the helm of The Embassy.
Since 2003, The Embassy has been a fixture in Ring of Honor in many different forms. It has boasted names like Jimmy Rave, The Necro Butcher, Joey Ryan, and Alex Shelley in its ranks and also, until recently, “The Sicilian Psychopath” Tommaso Ciampa. Unfortunately that all fell apart for the prince from Ghana West Africa and it all came at the hands of his own counsel, The Barrister RD Evans.
Nana brought Evans in to mind the store, so to speak, as the Prince focused his energies on the lovely Princess Mia Yim. Left to his own devices, it was readily apparent to all but Nana that RD Evans was looking to co-opt The Embassy as well as its newest, and possibly most promising, acquisition, Tommaso Ciampa.
The final straw came when Nana was forcibly exiled from his own creation by RD, humiliated after a refused marriage proposal to Mia, and physically assaulted by Ciampa. Nana has seen taken several opportunities to attack Evans at ROH live events while RD, having tossed Ciampa to the side after he suffered a serious knee injury, has recently acquired QT Marshall as his client.
Then on this weekend's edition of ROH TV, after Marshall was victorious in his bout against Adam Page, Nana once again attacked Evans, stripped him of his clothes, and left him humiliated in the ring. ROH Match Maker Nigel McGuinness then announced that this would all be settled at “Final Battle 2012: Doomsday” when Nana & Evans go one-on-one!
“That's right my friends!” said Nana to, “My day of reckoning is almost here and RD Evans, you backstabbing little snake of a man, you will feel the wrath of Prince Nana like no other man before you ever has. New York City is my home away from home and I will beat you like the little peasant boy that you are in front of everybody there! You take my money, you take my woman, and then try and take my pride, well Barrister the one thing you can never take away from me is The Embassy!”
It's Prince Nana vs. The Barrister RD Evans at “Final Battle 2012”! Tickets are on sale for our December 16th iPPV event right HERE or you can order the broadcast HERE