Martini’s Assault On The Briscoes Continues!

A Tag Team Grudge Match signed for “Best in the World: HOSTAGE CRISIS”
Last week it was announced that Truth Martini was sending Rhino & Michael Elgin after The Briscoes on June 30th in Pittsburgh.  Well after this weekend it looks like Martini is just getting started with the former 7-Time ROH World Tag Team Champions.
Over the weekend ROH officials received a phone call from Truth Martini demanding that the House of Truth take on Jay & Mark on June 24th when Ring of Honor returns to NYC for “Best in the World: Hostage Crisis”.  While ROH officials pointed out that both Roderick Strong & Michael Elgin were already involved in other matches and that Rhino was not scheduled to be in attendance, Martini insisted that it did not matter because he was not talking about any of those three men.
Truth said he had another team to represent the HoT and then offered this quote:
 “These two men have been around the block and are not afraid to get nasty and do my dirty work. There is no need to identify these men because who they are is not important. What is important is that they work for ME and will do as I say! They will guard me, the Book, and bring me anything that I want. I already have the TV Champion Roderick Strong, the future World Champion Michael Elgin, my mercenary Rhino is paid to take out anybody that I please, and now the Guardians of Truth will bring the House of Truth the Tag Team Championships and guard yours truly. When they bring me the Tag Team Championships it is up to me which members of the HoT will wear the gold!”
Truth continued on to say that The Briscoes had to pay for humiliating him, and that this team is loyal to the teachings of the House (unlike Rhino who is there strictly for the money). Martini stated they will guard him with their lives and bring anything that he wants to him, than reiterated that the team will remain a mystery for now and BEYOND because it is not about them! It is about Truth and Truth getting what he wants!
Now Truth Martini, deep down, has to know that the HoT is in a volatile position right now with tensions obviously building between Strong and Elgin. It would seem Martini is doing his best to keep the unity between the two but obviously this has not stopped him from bringing in a team that has apparently been all over the world. It seems his goal is to have these…Guardians of Truth… begin by taking out the Briscoes and end by bringing the HoT the Tag Team Titles.
It’s Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. The Guardians of Truth at “Best in the World: Hostage Crisis”! It takes place on June 24th at The Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC and tickets are available here!  Can’t be there live?  Then keep your browser on because it will also be available LIVE on iPPV!