Tuesday, October 9th, 2012
As we reported yesterday, the fallout from “Killer Instinct” and the Kevin Steen/Jay Lethal match is continuing to be felt. Here are the latest updates has been given from officials:
- Ring of Honor COO Joe Koff has refused to disclose specifics regarding his meeting yesterday with Jay Lethal other than Jay has been fined. Apparently there are other conditions that Jay has had to agree to but right now it is not known what those conditions are.
- We do know that Jay Lethal admitted that he was in such a rage Saturday night that he did not realize all of the harm and destruction that he had caused. Lethal now realizes that he snapped like never before but is not apologetic for his actions. We can confirm though that Lethal will DEFINITELY be in Canada this Saturday for the “Glory by Honor XI” iPPV event!
- ROH World Champion Kevin Steen is set to meet with ROH officials via conference call later today as he says that he has demands that need to be met otherwise he will not show up this weekend. Steen is playing the part of the victim in this situation even though he was just as much responsible for the incident as Lethal. One thing we can confirm regarding Steen is that his pay was withheld on Saturday.
- Regarding the condition of ROH Executive Producer Jim Cornette, he is still unable to walk due to extreme lower back pain and is scheduled to meet with a physical therapist tomorrow...
- There is no additional news on the pending lawsuit from Jay Lethal’s parents against ROH & Kevin Steen
- is currently trying to procure the footage of Jay Lethal's backstage rampage to release to the public but unfortunately the footage is being withheld by people at the corporate level... will continue to follow this story from every angle and will bring you all of the updates as soon as we are able. There are lots of rumors and speculation circulating around this situation and we will make sure to confirm all the news before going public with the latest updates...