The latest on the Jay Lethal Situation

Monday, October 8th, 2012

The latest on the Jay Lethal Situation


As we reported earlier, the situation that occurred following the Kevin Steen/Jay Lethal World Title Match at “Killer Instinct” on Saturday was one that got completely out of control and for that we take full responsibility and apologize to our fans.


We would like to state that we too are appaled by the actions of both Kevin Steen and Jay Lethal, appaled by the unfortunate way in which the show ended, and that we never want anything like that to happen again. ROH officials promise that we will go above and beyond to see that a situation like this never occurs again in Ring of Honor.

As far as the two primary men involved in this ordeal, has learned that Jay Lethal had a closed door meeting with Ring of Honor COO Joe Koff today regarding disciplinary action for his attack on ROH officials, security, and Jim Cornette, as well as his wanton destruction of the ringside area.


ROH World Champion Kevin Steen has said that he is not coming to “Glory by Honor XI” for his scheduled title defense against “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin and will hold up ROH officials unless certain demands are met.

As mentioned above, ROH Executive Producer Jim Cornette was one of Lethal's victims following the match when Jay assaulted him in the locker room. Cornette is currently at home in Louisville confined to a bed after suffering severe back & neck trauma and will certainly not be in attendance this Saturday in Mississauga.

To further add onto the fallout from the chaos, Jay Lethal's parents (who Kevin Steen spat on, which created this situation in the first place) have threatened a lawsuit against both Kevin Steen and Ring of Honor.


It seems the cloud of Rahway is going to be hanging over ROH's head for some time to come and there are even some people beginning to question if Jim Cornette inadvertantly set the stage for this with his insistence on Lethal proving that he had that killer instinct to challenge for the title...

We expect further details to be available tomorrow.