Someone will go down for the count…
Friday night March 30th, as part of “Showdown in the Sun – Day 1”, two men whose bitter war defined Ring of Honor throughout 2010 will meet one-on-one for the first time in 15 months.  Their last fight took place at “Final Battle 2010” in an Unsanctioned Fight Without Honor and it cost one man a year of his ROH career.  The exiled man was Kevin Steen and the man who put him out was El Generico.  It was a defining moment in both men’s careers; the culmination of years of feuding, eventual friendship, and then the slow deterioration of what many thought was a bond that would endure the test of time. 
Following that December night in 2010, Generico moved on with his life while it is evident that Steen obsessed on his banishment, the circumstances surrounding it, and found it necessary to lay blame at the feet of everyone but himself.  So when Kevin returned, unwanted, to ROH at “Best in the World 2011” it was a shock…but even more shocking was his declaration of “**** Ring of Honor” as he assaulted Steve Corino & Jimmy Jacobs.  At “Death Before Dishonor IX” he returned to assault Jacobs again, in lieu of Steve’s absence, and given that Jimmy’s opponent that night was El Generico, it drew the men into conflict once again.
At “Glory by Honor X”, following Generico’s unsuccessful bid to capture the ROH World Title from Davey Richards, Kevin once again inserted himself into the situation and was fought off by the champion, his challenger, and Steve Corino.  Then, at “Final Battle 2011”, after Steen earned his way back into ROH by beating Corino, the two former tag team partners came into conflict as Generico stopped Kevin from assaulting Jim Cornette.  Unfortunately for Generico the chaotic scene ended with him being carted off to an ambulance following a Package Piledriver off the ring through a table.
Months of silence followed from Generico while Steen began his mission to tear down ROH and claim the World Title.  That silence was broken only a few weeks ago with two words, “La Revancha”, and the proclamation that Generico had answered the call to fight Steen in Ft. Lauderdale on March 30th.
Given the history of these two men and the level of brutality we have seen whenever they have stood opposite one another inside the ring, ROH officials have determined that a stipulation is absolutely necessary to ensure the match comes to a decisive conclusion. 
The chosen stip: Last Man Standing!
No pinfalls, no submissions, just two men fighting it out with whatever they have at their disposal, until one man cannot answer the 10 count.  The only caveat to this war is that the ban on the piledriver remains in effect…
“Seriously?” Steen told when informed of the match, “I can use ladders, chairs, tables, hell it sounds like I could set Generico on fire if I wanted to, but I still can’t use the Package Piledriver? That’s funny.  So tell me, what are you afraid of Jimmy?  That I’ll break Generico’s neck? That I’ll take advantage of the opportunity and just start piledriving everyone I can get my hands on?  Do you think I really give a damn at this point that you’ve taken one move away from me?  You took away a year of my life, you’ve taken away the Ring of Honor I loved, and you think taking away one move matters? Ask Generico and in his stupid broken English he can tell you himself that I’ve got plenty of other ways to put an end to this.  I just want you to watch closely, I want you to gather up Davey and Eddie and Roddy and anyone else who might get their hands on that title before I do and make them watch what happens to Generico. It’s a sign of the future Jimmy, but it’s not a nightmare that’s coming, it’s my dream come true.”
There have only been two Last Man Standing matches in ROH’s 10 year history and one of those involved Steen when he beat Colt Cabana at “Supercard of Honor V”.  With Generico returning for the first time in nearly four months, with all the history between these two men, this battle has all the potential to be as bloody & brutal as “Final Battle 2010”.  Generico vs. Steen, Last Man Standing, March 30th at “Showdown in the Sun”, tickets are available here!!! Can’t be there live, order it on iPPV right here.