Killer Instinct...

Lethal and Homicide go one-on-one

As seen on “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV this past weekend, available to Ringside Members now, Jay Lethal showed that killer instinct Jim Cornette said he was looking for in a potential World Title challenger when he laid out both his opponent as well as the official in his bout with Matt Taven. Lethal than looked right into the camera, microphone in hand, and made it known that his actions were a direct message to the ROH Executive Producer when he said “Jim, how's that for...what did you say...killer instinct?”


With Ring of Honor returning to New Jersey on October 6th for the first time in several years, Lethal is dead set on challenging for the ROH World Title in front of the fans in his home state. Cornette has stated that he is looking for a challenger with that killer instinct, a man willing to sink to the level of Kevin Steen if need be, in order to reclaim the ROH World Title. Lethal, the man that fans on Facebook voted as their top choice for that Rahway title match, is obviously intent on showing JC that he has that evil inside him.


“I will give you killer instinct Jim Cornette.” said Lethal to, “If that is what it takes to get the title match I want, I will dig down into the pit of my stomach, into the depths of my heart, and bring out every bit of evil I can find in myself. It doesn't come easy, it certainly won't come without a price, but if that's what you feel you need to see in a challenger Jim Cornette, than that is what you will see in Jay Lethal. I almost feel like I should apologize in advance to my opponents but there's no room for apologies until after I become the ROH World Champion.”


It seems Jim Cornette and ROH officials heard Lethal's comments on ROH TV loud and clear because they have now signed him into a match with an opponent that will no doubt pull out every drop of killer instinct Lethal may have: “The Notorious 187” Homicide! These two individuals have quite a history, largely one painting them as adversaries, but most recently they partnered up at “Death Before Dishonor IX” when they faced Tommaso Ciampa & Rhino.


“I know Jay Lethal.” said Homicide, “I known that kid since he was cutting his teeth in dirty Jersey just trying to get noticed. He's tough, no doubt, you gotta be to hang around as long as he has, but man Jay you ain't got nothing on the Notorious 187. You ain't got that darkness in you, you ain't got no demon riding on your back just waiting to get unleashed. Jay, I been in that the ring with Kevin and tried to take that belt, and I dropped the ball. But man I learned something about what Kevin Steen's all about right now and Jay you gots a long way to go be ready for that. You want to get tested? You want to prove to Jim Cornette you can be a monster? Then step on up son, cause the original Rottweiler is always looking for a fight.”


It's Jay Lethal vs. “The Notorious 187” Homicide and it all goes down on 9/15/12 when we return to iPPV for “Death Before Dishonor X”! Can Lethal dig up that killer instinct and survive the onslaught of Homicide? Or will it be the former ROH World Champion who shows why he deserves another shot at greatness? Be there live to find out for yourself by ordering tickets right here or watch it all go down on iPPV right here!