At WAR OF THE WORLDS, Kevin Steen faced NJPW star Shinsuke Nakamura in a once in a lifetime battle. The Hammerstein Ballroom was split between Steen and Nakamura, showering both men with streamers and chanting. In the end, Nakamura would come out victorious, but the New York City fans were still on their feet for Kevin Steen after the match.
Steen took the microphone and had a heart-to-heart with the fans and the locker room - right in the middle of the ring. He explained that he hasn't always been happy in Ring of Honor. This, of course, is no secret to anyone: Kevin Steen has always been a corporate nightmare.  At one point, he even attempted to wipe out ROH all together. Despite the past - at the very core - this is his home.  
But after failing to win back the ROH World Title at GLOBAL WARS and falling to Shinsuke Nakamura night, Kevin Steen announced it felt like it was time for him to take a step away from Ring of Honor.  It was an intensely emotional moment as the crowd begged Steen not to go.
And then out came Silas Young.
Styling himself as the "Last Real Man In Professional Wrestling," Young has never even shy about expressing his low opinion of the ROH locker room. He ran down all the champions as weak...but then he praised Kevin Steen for also being a "real" man - the only other real man in Ring of Honor.  That is, of course, until he stood in the middle of the Hammerstein Ballroom and cried to the fans.
Steen wanted no part of Young's complaining and attempted to leave. But then Silas Young mentioned Kevin's young son. The ultimate insult. How does his son feel knowing his father is a quitter?
Immediately, a huge brawl erupted. Security frantically tried to separate the two men. For their troubles, they themselves were attacked by an enraged Kevin Steen.  Fueled by this insult to his family, Steen took out the entire security brigade.  But in the melee, Silas Young managed to escape.
But he can't run forever. Confirmed for BEST IN THE WORLD: Kevin Steen vs. Silas Young!
LIVE on PPV on June 22nd, Silas Young and Kevin Steen will be in an ROH ring together once again. This is an officially sanctioned match, but once you bring a man's family into the equation - you better prepare for a fight.  
SUNDAY, JUNE 22nd, 2014
Tennessee State Fairgrounds/Expo
625 Smith Avenue, Nashville, TN 37203
6:30 PM  CST Local bell time /  7:00pm CST Live On Pay Per View
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