- It's hard to believe that BEST IN THE WORLD 2014 is THIS Sunday LIVE on PAY-PER VIEW! At 8PM Eastern and 5pm Pacific, Ring of Honor will electrify Nashville and all the people watching at home with the best wrestling on the planet today.


 Thank you to everyone who has made it possible for us to reach this milestone and the fan support is what drives us to become better with each event. BEST IN THE WORLD 2014 will deliver no nonsense pro wrestling to be proud of... so gather your friends for a traditional PPV party this Sunday and enjoy what we do.


- This week on ROH TV we will have an in-depth BEST IN THE WORLD 2014 preview! Larry Mercer will be joined by recent ROH Dojo Graduate Mandy Leon, who is hot off an appearance on VH1's "Gossip Table," to host a very special episode. This preview tells you all you need to know in preparation for the historic night THIS Sunday. In case you don't get ROH TV in your area.... we will put this episode up on our YouTube channel this Friday for everyone to see for free!


- Click HERE for a list of all the Pay Per View providers that will be carrying BEST IN THE WORLD 2014 LIVE this Sunday, June 22nd at 8PM Eastern. In addition, BEST IN THE WORLD 2014 will be available online at USTREAM.TV/RingofHonor.


- We still have a limited number of tickets for THIS Sunday in Nashville. We invite you to make the journey because the live atmosphere on Sunday will be something unforgettable. Don't hesitate and purchase your tickets now right HERE. Remember on Nashville time the PPV begins at 7PM.


- The ROH World Championship is considered by many the most prestigious Championship in all of wrestling. Only the elite have held this title and obtaining this ultimate goal has only been done by 18 men. "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin has proven time after time that he is championship material but despite having one of the best Win-Loss records in all of Ring of Honor, he has never held ROH gold. In fact, Elgin has only been pinned once this year and that was recently by AJ Styles in New York City. Elgin has also been pinned by the current ROH champion Adam Cole but Elgin holds more wins over Cole throughout their ROH history. The story between Elgin and Cole is deep and their ROH careers have taken similar paths. Both men debuted around the same time almost 4 years ago and were deemed “breakout stars”. Both men continued to rise and impress everyone all over the world. Their rise to main event status culminated in the finals of the ROH World Championship Tournament at DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR last September. Cole prevailed and was able to capture the ROH World Championship for the first time in his career. Since then both men have been dominant and their first one-on-one rematch is only days away in Nashville!


- At SUPERCARD OF HONOR VIII, Jay Briscoe battled ROH World Champion Adam Cole in a LADDERi WAR to settle the ROH World title situation once and for all. Jay Briscoe had been carrying around his own version of the World Title since coming back from injury last October. Adam Cole came out of that grueling contest the champion obtaining both belts however Matt Hardy and Michael Bennett were huge influences on the outcome. Cole proceeded to give Jay Briscoe's belt to Matt Hardy as a present for his tutelage. The tension between Hardy and Briscoe is high as Matt Hardy was the one who originally injured Jay Briscoe's shoulder last year causing Jay to be out of action for close to 5 months and resulting in him vacating the ROH World Championship. Hardy's influence definitely has shaped the structure of the main event scene over the last year and at and LIVE on Pay-Per View THIS Sunday Jay & Mark have their chance to get their hands on both Hardy and Michael Bennett at the same time in a GRUDGE MATCH!


- At WAR OF THE WORLDS, the New York City fans were on their feet for Kevin Steen after his incredible match with Shinsuke Nakamura. Given recent events, Steen announced it felt like it was time for him to take a step away from Ring of Honor. It was an intensely emotional moment as the crowd begged Steen not to go. Out came Silas Young who ran down all the ROH champions as weak...but then he praised Steen for also being the only other real man in ROH. That is, of course, until Steen stood in the middle of the Hammerstein Ballroom and cried to the fans. Steen wanted no part of Young's complaining and attempted to leave. But then Young mentioned Kevin's young son and Steen snapped. Silas went on record recently and said that he is going to have to create his own opportunities and start making a statement... well Silas did just that and THIS Sunday both men will go one-on-one LIVE on Pay-Per View!


- In possibly the most anticipated match this Sunday, the 3-Time ROH World Tag Team Champions reDRagon will face Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian with the belts on the line! would beg to differ as they say they are the best tag team in ROH past, present and future. Daniels and Kazarian have generated a large amount of buzz as a team over the last couple of years and many consider this a dream match. When it is all said and done, reDRagon could possibly go down as one of the best teams in ROH history. However, there are still many teams out there like Daniels and Kazarian that they have yet to defeat. It has been 3 years since Daniels competed in an ROH ring and it can't be denied that he is one of the greatest wrestlers in the history of ROH. His return this Sunday will be very special and could result in gold!


- Cedric Alexander is one of the fastest rising stars in all of professional wrestling.  Cedric was poised to have the opportunity of a lifetime in a one-on-one bout versus Kazuchika Okada at WAR OF THE WORLDS but thanks to The Decade, Cedric was unable to compete. After a brutal beat down at GLOBAL WARS and disgusting backbreaker onto a pile of chairs, ROH officials refused to clear Alexander to compete one week later. The biggest opportunity of his entire life gone...exactly what Roderick Strong wanted. The Decade keeps taking things from Cedric in an attempt to run him off but Cedric will not quit. Even recently in Carbondale The Decade was responsible for Cedric losing a match which would have put him in a ROH World Title match. The Decade have launched a campaign against the younger generation. Some, like Adam Page and Tadarius Thomas, bowed their heads and accepted the bullying. Cedric Alexander has fought back and while that resistance to The Decade may have cost Cedric opportunities but he has not given up and this Sunday at BEST IN THE WORLD 2014 in the rubber match between he and Strong, Cedric has the opportunity to make Strong give up!


- The history between Matt Taven and Truth Martini is long and storied. Truth has been responsible for many of Matt Taven's defeats in 2014 and has made it a goal to ruin Taven's life after Taven fired him in January. After being told "you're fired," Truth became infatuated with the term fire. Truth eventually blindsided Taven and threw fire in his face in an attempt to scar and blind him. Taven is out for Martini's blood but Taven's history with the current ROH TV Champion Jay Lethal has also been long and intense. Now that Lethal is aligned with Truth, the scenario is more combustible than ever! Recently in Collinsville at ROAD TO BEST IN THE WORLD NIGHT 2, Matt Taven was dressed as the Romantic Touch and defeated Lethal in a Proving Ground match showing that he can defeat Lethal. Lethal has definitely been phased and he covets the TV title so much that he sold his honor to Truth Martini to finally get it back that there is no telling what lengths he'll go to in keeping it. Lethal will have nothing to rely on but himself because Truth Martini will be HANDCUFFED to the ring post with no option of interfering! Truth superseded an original proposal to ban him altogether from ringside referencing his managers license and how Lethal is under an agreement to be coached from ringside. Without getting into a legal mess, although Nigel would have justification based off of previous bouts, Nigel decided to just handcuff Martini which will allow Martini to coach and manage like he wanted.


- Opening the PPV this Sunday will be a 6-Man Mayhem Match with the winner getting a future World TV Title shot! ACH VS. WATANABE VS. CAPRICE COLEMAN VS. TADARIUS THOMAS VS. BJ WHITMER VS. TOMMASO CIAMPA will compete in a match that is guaranteed to be a high energy, high stakes spectacle! The winner will receive a future World TV Title shot. For someone like NJPW's Takaaki Watanabe, rocketing into TV Title contention would make him huge player here in the states. But for a former champion like "The Sicilian Psychopath" Tommaso Ciampa, this Sunday is his chance to prove he belongs back in the hunt for the title he proudly held and defended all around the world.  Meanwhile, former Adrenaline RUSH partners will be opponents for the first time when ACH and Tadarius Thomas both compete for their future! Thomas might want to keep an eye on his "vet" BJ Whitmer, too.  Although they've acted as partners representing The Decade, there's no way Whitmer is going to step aside for his "young boy" and especially not when a title shot is on the line! And the entire Decade has had their share of problems with Caprice Coleman, who surely wants to pull out his own victory while also ensuring the locker room bullies of ROH stay far away from championships. This match will be as fast paced as it gets and different than anything else on the card.


- Kevin Kelly, Steve Corino and Nigel McGuinness will call the action This Sunday.


- Veda Scott will be in Nashville this Sunday on "important business" while Barrister RD Evans will be defending his streak somewhere else in the universe.


- We will tape 2 matches for ROH TV before the live PPV starts featuring War Machine (Raymond Rowe & Hanson), Adam Page, The Romantic Touch and more. These matches will begin in Nashville this Sunday at 6:30PM Central.



- Current IWGP Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles will be in Japan over the weekend however he says that he will have a close eye on Adam Cole vs. Michael Elgin this Sunday.


- Get ready for Saturday by ordering ROAD TO BEST IN THE WORLD NIGHT 1 & 2 now available on VOD! Both events are available HERE.