Adam Cole’s next title defense will be against Jimmy Jacobs in Dearborn, Michigan on Saturday November 15th at the Ford Community Center. During BJ Whitmer’s retirement speech, following a career ending injury at Manhattan Mayhem V, Whitmer revealed that Jimmy Jacobs was the guy who stayed by his side during his hospital stay. Whitmer was so grateful for what Jacobs had done that he asked ROH Matchmaker Nigel McGuinness to give Jimmy Jacobs an opportunity to reclaim his position on the ROH roster. Jacobs was exiled from ROH after his involvement with SCUM, and their loss in to ROH in “Steel Cage Warfare.” Nigel granted BJ his final wish, and gave Jimmy Jacobs a trial series to earn a shot at the championship. Jacobs had to win a best of 5 series that ended this past weekend at The Golden Dream.
Jacobs successfully defeated Roderick Strong to win his best of 5 series 3 matches to 2, and earn an ROH World Championship opportunity against Adam Cole just miles from his hometown in Dearborn, Michigan. This will be Jacob’s 4th attempt at winning the ROH World Championship during his career. His first opportunity came on 6/23/06 in Detroit when he lost to Bryan Danielson. On 2/27/09 Jacobs lost in a 4 way match for the championship to Nigel McGuinness. Later that year on 9/14/06 Jacobs lost in Tokyo, Japan again to Nigel McGuinness. After 4 years Jacobs is hungry for another shot at the gold. Jimmy has come a long way in the company since his last shot in 2009, and might be the best he’s ever been in his career.
This will also be a rematch from this past January in Dearborn. Jimmy Jacobs battled ROH World TV Champion, Adam Cole in a Proving Ground Match that many people labeled a match of the year candidate for 2013. Cole went on to win that contest and retain his title. Jacobs wants to prove to the home crowd that he can beat Adam Cole, and that he’s good enough to finally become the top guy in ROH. His hard work and dedication to the industry can all be made worth if he can capture this championship. Everything that Jacobs has done over the past decade has lead him to this moment, and he will do everything he can to walk out World Champion.
But it won’t be so easy to beat ROH World Champion Adam Cole. Cole just went through 16 other men to become the champion in the World Championship Tournament. Since then, he’s already had successful championship defenses against Mark Briscoe and Roderick Strong. Adam Cole is on the hottest streak of his career and  has earned the right to call himself the best In ROH. Can Jimmy Jacobs take that distinction away from him? Be there live in Dearborn, Michigan on Saturday November 15th to find out!
Friday, Nov 15, 2013 07:30pm EST
Ford Community & Performing Arts Center
15801 Michigan Ave.
DEARBORN, Michigan
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