Jay Lethal's ROH Future...

What does it hold for 2012 SOTF winner?
At “Final Battle 2012”, Jay Lethal promised he would fight World Champion Kevin Steen that night no matter what it took and although he did not accomplish that personal goal, what he did accomplish was quite literally spitting in the face of Ring of Honor.
In a scene very reminiscent of ones the aforementioned Steen caused at “Best in the World 2011” and “Death Before Dishonor IX” later that year, Lethal spat in the face of ROH Match Maker Nigel McGuinness and had to be forcibly removed from the building by ROH staff & security. Despite the chaos Lethal caused, Nigel had the following to say about Lethal:
“I can understand why Jay Lethal would be so upset. He was attacked by Corino and Jacobs, despite being owed a title shot for winning Survival of the Fittest he has been boxed out of the World Title picture while Kevin Steen remains champion, and Steen insulted his family in a very disgusting fashion back at Killer Instinct. Despite all that, it doesn't give Jay the right to do what he did in New York City but it does make his action more...understandable. So for now let me just say that Lethal will NOT be suspended for his actions and that I will further address the situation after the new year, specifically in Baltimore on January 5th.”
ROHWrestling.com has also learned from Nigel that Lethal's matches for both Dearborn on January 18th and Milwaukee on January 19th have been signed! When we make our long-awaited return to Dearborn, MI it will be Lethal versus one of the men who assaulted him in NYC, the one-half of the former World Tag Team Champions, Steve Corino!
Then, twenty four hours later in Milwaukee, Lethal will unite with the very men who dethroned S.C.U.M, Jay & Mark Briscoe, and they will take on Corino, Jimmy Jacobs, and the third man who was party to Jay's NYC attack, “The Man Beast” Rhino!
Just what Rhino's role is in this whole thing is a question still unanswered but long-time followers of either Corino or Rhino know of the extreme history between these two individuals. Has he been recruited to the ranks of S.C.U.M? That is a mystery still looking for an answer...
It's Lethal vs. Corino on 1/18 in Dearborn and Lethal/Briscoes vs. Corino/Jacobs/Rhino on 1/19 in Milwaukee! Tickets for both events, as well as our 1/5 return to Baltimore, can all be purchased right here in the ROH Store!